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Running a .NET app against a Postgres database in Docker

Some days/weeks/time ago, I did a presentation at MeasureUP called “Docker For People Who Think Docker Is This Weird Linux Thing That Doesn’t Impact Me”. The slides for that presentation can be found here and the sample application here. Using … Continue reading 

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Docker is coming whether you like it or not

I’m excited about Docker. Unnaturally excited, one might say. So much so that I’ll be talking about it at MeasureUp this September. In the meantime, I have to temper my enthusiasm for the time being because Docker is still a … Continue reading 

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MIX OpenRasta sample available for download

The code from my Mix presentation on building REST applications with OpenRasta can be found here. Check out the ReadMe file to get started. The app is a very basic music library. The home page lets you enter the path … Continue reading 

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Open Rasta presentation, or “How to throw a rest into the mix”

I’m imagining the thought process of some of the session voters for the upcoming Mix conference. “Hey, here’s one on Open Rasta by the Coding Hillbilly. You know what would be funny? Let’s all vote for it even though he … Continue reading 

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DevTeach presentations explained

I’m preparing my presentations for DevTeach and have come to realize that there is a price to pay for creativity. Here are the abstracts for three of my presentations. Guerrilla Refactoring Greetings, comrades. Welcome to the resistance! Our quarry today … Continue reading 

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The HTML Theme: Please don’t let me be misunderstood

Presented last week at the Calgary .NET User Group and the Edmonton .NET User Group. Both went swimmingly in this hillbilly’s view and I had a fantastic time doing both. At some point, I’m going to have to admit to … Continue reading 

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Incarceration Log – Day 4

It has been only four days since my self-imposed, month-long incarceration in the prison known as Corporate Calgary, but already the three walls of my cell close in around me. My oppressors continue their assault on my psyche with inhuman … Continue reading 

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BahaNET meeting and .NET Rocks

I’ve become rather acutely aware that my content has been lacking of late in the technical department. But I do have a couple of community announcements to make that are time-based so I’ll compromise a bit and combine them into … Continue reading 

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Be it ever so humble…

The obligatory follow-up post to the 99% of you (give or take 2%) that didn’t attend my presentation, to let you know that I gave a presentation. This one is pure entertainment value only so if you’re looking to code … Continue reading 

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BahaNET Meeting 2 – We Hardly Knew Ye

Need to be more on the ball with announcing community events that I’m hosting. The Bahamas .NET User Group had its second meeting on May 28 and it was another success. Running a user group is an odd kind of … Continue reading 

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