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R# Refactoring Steps For Introducing a Const

I’m currently writing some pipeline components for SSIS and I’m curious as to whether there is a commonly followed refactoring pattern for extracting constants.  For example, consider the following. var authenticationType = ComponentMetaData.CustomPropertyCollection.New(); authenticationType.Name = C_AUTHENTICATIONTYPE; There’s nothing unique to … Continue reading 

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Refactoring guard clauses, or “How to ask politely”

This post is brought to you by the letters M and V and P. I mention that at the beginning to set the pre-requisites. I woke up this morning, broke open our application, and am currently staring at this method … Continue reading 


How do you tame the many heads of the hydra?

There have been numerous posts about hiring the "right" people. One of the more ideal characteristics is a passion for the industry and for learning new techniques. But as I look at more and more code written by these zealots … Continue reading 

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Coding with a net: An anecdote

I’m in the early stages of a new project with the dashing and debonair Brian Donahue. On the plus side, despite his misgivings, the codebase is in pretty phenomenal shape all things considered. SVN repository, automated build and tests, ActiveRecord, … Continue reading 

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DevTeach presentations explained

I’m preparing my presentations for DevTeach and have come to realize that there is a price to pay for creativity. Here are the abstracts for three of my presentations. Guerrilla Refactoring Greetings, comrades. Welcome to the resistance! Our quarry today … Continue reading 

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Model-View-Presenter in an MDI

The "How to" is gone from the title to be resurrected at appropriate intervals. In my last post, it was brought up in the comments that it was, and I quote, "naff". Wikipedia helped me with a definition which confused … Continue reading 

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Database refactoring, or "How to remove a schema"

Welcome back, revolutionaries! We’ve had a small reprieve from the fight to let our early anarchy settle in and—….y’know what. The revolutionary jargon is getting too hard to write and the refactorings more involved so I’ll just throw out a … Continue reading 

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ClassTester, or "How to exercise your assembly"

Fear not, brethren and…uhhh….sistren. The resistance is still alive. But the revolutionary jargon will get in the way here so I’m reverting to a more traditional means of expression. Among the things we’ve implemented as part of our project clean-up … Continue reading 

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Test SetUp Methods, or "How to make yourself public"

Here’s a little sidebar that I bet you didn’t know. Actually, that was probably more accurate at my old site where my readership measured on a more, shall we say, intimate, scale. Anyway, I recently converted a project from NUnit … Continue reading 

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Refactoring by rote, or "How to have a ReSharper Orgy!"

Greetings brothers and sisters and solidarity to you. The revolution is off to a rousing start. We have integrated continuously and Comrade Marc Davis has won a key early victory by excising the putrid web service that so fiendishly guarded … Continue reading