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.NET Developer Tooling: The Roslyn Revolution

Unless you’ve been on holidays for the last week on an island without internet,  you’ve probably heard that Microsoft announced that Roslyn is now available as Open-Source. Roslyn is the next C# and VB.NET compiler, developed with these languages. It … Continue reading 

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Code Contracts is the next coding practice you should learn and use

Last week I was presenting a session covering some practices and tooling we were using to build NDepend at BuildStuff Lithuania 2013. One of the essential practice we are using is Code Contracts and really I was surprised when I … Continue reading 


NDepending Resharper

Andrew Kazyrevich has written an original blog post about NDepending Resharper. Or more precisely analyzing the code base and API of Resharper  with NDepend and comparing the evolution between Resharper v4.5 and v5.0. You’ll see some quantitative information include the … Continue reading 

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ViEmu/ReSharper update

I could just update my existing post from a couple of days ago but I have another point to make afterward. Firstly, there is a minor release of ViEmu available as of yesterday. What I found most notable was near … Continue reading 

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ViEmu and ReSharper, or “How to tone down your highlights”

Let it not be said the RSI is all fun and games. The hillbilly has just realized that he can legally date someone half his age and while that might open up a world of possibilities within his family tree … Continue reading 

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Coding with a net: An anecdote

I’m in the early stages of a new project with the dashing and debonair Brian Donahue. On the plus side, despite his misgivings, the codebase is in pretty phenomenal shape all things considered. SVN repository, automated build and tests, ActiveRecord, … Continue reading 

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Getting ReSharper and VS to play nice with MSpec

Does ReSharper want to make your specs look like this? But you want your specs to look like this? Just follow these easy steps: Go to Resharper>Options Go to Languages>C#>Formatting Style>Other Uncheck Modifiers>Use explicit private modifier Uncheck Other>Indent anonymous method … Continue reading 

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Sharing code styles in ReSharper

Have just started a new project and my first task is some Silverlight thingamajig that I’m sure I’ll go on about ad nauseum in the coming weeks. But first, let’s talk about some ReSharper settings. My very first check-in in … Continue reading 

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Hiding code from ReSharper

ReSharper 3.1 is out, which you already knew. I put it off until this morning when I read Chris Patterson’s account of the solution-wide analysis and thought about how funny that might be to run against my current project. I … Continue reading 

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Folder != Namespace

Update: turns out this is a R# feature not a VS feature. Thanks Andy!  Here’s something I discovered in Visual Studio some time ago:   Seems you can select one or more folders and turn off their “namespace provider.” This … Continue reading 

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