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A discussion on API Documentation and Hypermedia

A few weeks ago, I read a great post from Kin Lane where he was talking about the Open API movement in government. One of the things he discussed was the momentum around APIs and adoption of emerging standards for … Continue reading 


You can’t achieve REST without client and server participation

Recently I have been having a bunch of discussions around REST and whether or not the client participates in the RESTfulness of a system. Until now I’ve been saying that REST is confined to the server. I now realize that … Continue reading 


Review – Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML 5 and Node

I rarely review books however the past few years there’s a few gems I’ve found in my REST travels that I have felt compelled to review. Mike Amundsen’s new book on hypermedia is one such work. Note: This review is a … Continue reading 


HTTP is not a transport protocol, HTTP is not RPC

Preamble: The intent of this post is to educate on how HTTP was designed to be used , clarify misconceptions and to give folks food for thought on different ways they can design a system. It is not to ignite … Continue reading 

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Hypermedia and Web API. Design brain dump and samples

Although I left WCF Web API, I am very passionate about continuing on my journey toward understanding REST and how it fits with Web API. For that reason you will likely continue to see posts on REST and Web API … Continue reading 


REST In Practice the book, RestBucks the sample

The book If you’ve watched any of my recent talks, one book you may have heard me mention quite a bit is “REST In Practice” by Jim Webber, Savas Parastatidas and Ian Robinson. The thing I really like about this … Continue reading 

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Richardson’s Maturity Model as a tool for understanding not measurement

Recently there’s been a bunch of discussion about Leonard Richardson’s maturity model and how some folks use it as a tool measurement for restfulness. Subbu has a nice post on this here where he says it is basically pointless to … Continue reading 

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Hypermedia and forms

Updated (with a lot of new content) One challenge when building REST based systems is how can the client determine what it can do next? There can be any number of clients each which need to interact with a system. … Continue reading 

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Adding vcard support and bookmarked URIs for specific representations with WCF Web Apis

REST is primarily about 2 things, Resources and Representations. If you’ve seen any of my recent talks you’ve probably seen me open Fiddler and how our ContactManager sample supports multiple representations including Form Url Encoded, Xml, Json and yes an … Continue reading 

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WCF Web APIs Roundup – Volume 1

A little over a month ago we launched our new WCF Web Apis on Codeplex. Since then a bunch of folks in the community (and some internal folks) have been posting about their own explorations / thoughts of the new … Continue reading 

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