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Exploring resources, a resource programming model, and code-based configuration.

ResourceProgrammingModel.zip Disclaimer: Early prototype At Oredev 2010 in Sweden (which btw is an AMAZING conference), I demonstrated a prototype of a convention-based resource programming model for our new HTTP apis. In this post I’m going to discuss a bit of … Continue reading 

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WCF Web APIs, HTTP your way

At PDC in my session  “Building Web APIs for the Highly Connected Web” we announced WCF Web APIs, new work we are doing to make HTTP first class in WCF. In this post I am going to describe what we … Continue reading 

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Taking HTTP support in WCF to the next level

If you are building for the web and the cloud, then you know that HTTP is important. WCF is no stranger to HTTP. Since .NET 3.5, we’ve been continually delivering capabilities in the platform to enable developers to expose services … Continue reading 

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Code Samples from Philly Dot Net WCF Fire Starter Event – 9/18/2010

This past Saturday (9/18/2010), the WCF Fire Starter Event was held at Microsoft’s Malvern, PA office. Presenters included Developer Evangelist Dani Diaz, Microsoft MVP and industry expert Miguel Castro and Microsoft MVP and Philly Dot Not/Philly Code Camp organizer Bill … Continue reading 

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Bringing MEF and REST love to the UK and at FEST 10

Next week I’m coming to the UK where I’ll be spreading the MEF love at FEST 10 and in events in a few other cities. I’ll also be talking about REST and the new work we are doing in WCF … Continue reading 

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RESTing from MEF (or The MEF dealer is at REST)

  Side note: I am having serious writer’s block these days….or maybe it’s twitter’s block Continuing the tradition of overdue posts…….It’s been over a month since i left the MEF team. Before moving on let me say that working on … Continue reading 

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MIX OpenRasta sample available for download

The code from my Mix presentation on building REST applications with OpenRasta can be found here. Check out the ReadMe file to get started. The app is a very basic music library. The home page lets you enter the path … Continue reading 

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Open Rasta presentation, or “How to throw a rest into the mix”

I’m imagining the thought process of some of the session voters for the upcoming Mix conference. “Hey, here’s one on Open Rasta by the Coding Hillbilly. You know what would be funny? Let’s all vote for it even though he … Continue reading 

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OpenRasta, or “How to speak REST”

The hillbilly is on a new project. Well actually, I’m on two new projects but I’m still working on how to Code Better on the one that involves stored procs in Oracle, a web site project (vs. web application project), … Continue reading 

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