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Why can’t you just communicate properly?

Online communication bugs me. Actually, bugs isn’t accurate. Maybe saddens and fatigues. When volleying with people hiding behind their keyboard shield and protected by three timezones, you have to make a conscious effort to remain optimistic. It’s part of the … Continue reading 

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The Economics of Ergonomics

Let it not be said there are no downsides to living in the Bahamas (though if you’ll permit a little boasting, a shortage of fantastic venues if you’re lucky enough to be in a band is not one of them). … Continue reading 

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Staying home for the night

&*%$ you and all of your @#*!% opinions! There, now that I’ve established my credibility, let’s get started. I installed Ubuntu recently on a virtual machine. It was insanely easy. Pointed VMWare at the .iso then went back to entertaining … Continue reading 

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How to strip away the super powers of borders in IE

If I can get philly-sophical for a moment, the IE team has clearly set out to be the hillbilly cousin of modern browsers and I, for one, can appreciate that. It’s a liberating space to occupy. You can spew out … Continue reading 


Comments back up

Was playing chicken with a comment spammer a week or so ago and shut down comments when the game stopped being fun and he/she/it started showing signs of sentience. They’re back up now.

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Who’s payin’ the bills?, or “How to drive a stake in the ground”

We’re in a bit of an odd place with our project now. We’re behind schedule, yet the development team has little to do. But we can’t call our tasks done because they haven’t been tested and approved. In short, we’ve … Continue reading 


Mindless vs. Mindful Meetings, or “How to think before you meet”

I struggle with a lot of things. No, no, it’s true. I’m not the infallible coder of the earth that my online persona may have you believe. There are things in this world that I have trouble with. Saran Wrap, … Continue reading 


Experimenting with virtual hard drives

Some interesting comments to yesterday’s post on working with VMs, enough so that I’m going to free-associate in a follow-up. A couple of people reported success with using a second virtual hard drive rather than a shared folder. I did … Continue reading 

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Getting used to working with VMs

Since getting his new desktop a couple o’ weeks ago, the hillbilly’s gone all virtual. I’ve been playing with virtual machines as my primary destination, leaving the host as dumb as I can possible make it. And to be quite … Continue reading 


Change the world. Start at home

As the year lurches to a close, I’ma gettin’ all reflective and stuff. The last two years have been pretty key for me career-wise. Looking back, you’d almost think I had a plan. In general terms, 2007 was learning hillbilly … Continue reading 

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