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Incarceration Log – Day 4

It has been only four days since my self-imposed, month-long incarceration in the prison known as Corporate Calgary, but already the three walls of my cell close in around me. My oppressors continue their assault on my psyche with inhuman … Continue reading 

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It’s okay to show a *little* confidence

Technically, I said I’d get technical. But there has been a spate of negativity lately and it’s making my rose-coloured glasses tingle. Typically, this causes me to shut down for a little while until it blows over but I’m going … Continue reading 


Not all truths are self-evident…

Here’s a true story from the other night that I’m going to masquerade as a lesson in listening to your clients and understanding their perspectives. Mostly, though, I just think it’ll provide you with some entertainment at my expense. In … Continue reading 


Blame Canada

I have a little secret. Well, more than one, but there is only one that I’m going to share today. By day, I’m an average (below average some would say) C# coder from the Great White North. Like most Canadians, … Continue reading 

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Lighten up, you’re having fun

There are a number of reasons I use the nom de guerre that I do. Primarily, it’s because I like being self-deprecating. Hard to bruise egos when the one you’re mocking is yourself. But it also adds some levity to … Continue reading 


Auto-generated vs. human-generated IDs

Got myself a delicious problem but there is another discussion to be had so I will leave you hanging on that one until a later post. I’ve already hinted at the software I’m working on for the time being. It’s … Continue reading 

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If it feels good, do it

When my daughter was born, and even during the nine months leading up to it, my wife and I read a *LOT* of books. On pregnancy, on child rearing, on labour, on how to cryogenically freeze the blood from the … Continue reading 

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You broke the build!

Stumbled across this today in my search for build images. Perhaps not as subtle as Bil Simser’s broken build handout but I believe people will get the message: Don’t forget to check out Agnes’s friends at www.buildsonmymachine.com and www.wheresthebuild.com.

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Splitter bars: Not for the farsighted

I think there are a few "standard" controls that are in serious need of revisiting/refactoring. One of them is the splitter control. Below is an image from Word 2003 with a document on the left and the thesaurus on the … Continue reading 


Life in the Bahamas

The topic of this post is pretty much the polar opposite of what I was hoping to achieve when I came to CodeBetter since it is about as technical as your average Teletubby but it’s here by popular demand. So … Continue reading 

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