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TDD I Learned… Code Katas

Continuing to make my way through Roy Osherove’s TDD course.  There’s an interesting exercise that he introduces to help practice and gain the muscle memory required to do TDD well – the Code Kata.  Wikipedia attributes the code kata to Dave … Continue reading 

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TDD I Learned…

A few weeks ago, Roy Osherove released his full TDD master class in .NET available a video series of over nine hours, recorded live in class. I’m a TDD wannabe.  I’ve done small tasks using TDD, and I’ve written plenty of … Continue reading 


Avoid Testing Implementation Details, Test Behaviours

Every so often I return to Kent Beck’s Test-Driven Development. I honestly believe it to be one of the finest software development books ever written. What I love about the book is its simplicity. There is a sparseness to it … Continue reading 


Mocks and Tell Don’t Ask

One of our alumni Karl blogged a request recently for folks to stop using mocks. Once upon a time I also made clear that I had a significant distrust of mocks. I’ve mellowed on that position over time, so I … Continue reading 

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TDD/BDD and the lean startup

A post at Hacker News caused a little bit of a storm on Twitter, by questioning if a lean startup needed to use Test First or if it was an obstacle to delivery. Build the right thing, or avoid Rework … Continue reading 

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TDD and Dbc

I was just reading Patrick Smachia’s great post on High Test Coverage and I have to say I agree nearly 100%.   I have a presentation up from a few years ago that covers some of the relations between TDD and … Continue reading 

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Improving testability with the Castle Dictionary Adapter

Frequently when reviewing code I see one of my pet hates appear and that’s a direct dependency on the ConfigurationManager.  The ConfigurationManager provides a way to access values in the Web\App.config. Yet, like any dependency, they generally bite you at … Continue reading 

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BDD, Feature Injection (and the Whirlpool)

I have started to feel comfortable enough about our BDD practice to begin presenting on the techniques. Liz Keogh came to my last presentation at London .Net Developers Group and suggested that I needed to look at Feature Injection as … Continue reading 

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Where we are with acceptance testing and our BDD journey today

It’s a long post. Sorry about that. Get yourself a coffee and a comfy chair. I have spoken in the past about our path to Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) through Story Test Driven Development (STDD) and Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD). … Continue reading 

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TDD: Consistent test structure

While pairing with Damian we came across the fairly common situation where we’d written two different tests – one to handle the positive case and one the negative case. While tidying up the tests after we’d got them passing we … Continue reading 

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