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TDD: Expressive test names

Towards the end of a post I wrote just over a year ago I suggested that I wasn’t really bothered about test names anymore because I could learn what I wanted from reading the test body. Recently, however, I’ve come … Continue reading 

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The usefulness of interaction tests, or “How to question the method”

More and more often these days, I’ve been having a crisis of faith conscience when it comes to TDD, or rather, interaction testing in general. It happens more so on projects where I’m the only developer or there is a … Continue reading 

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New Version of NDBUnit Released: Support for SQLite In Memory DB

NDBUnit is a .NET-based library that integrates unit tests and a database. NDBUnit ensures that a database is in a consistent state for each test. You can find the latest binaries here. In a nutshell, NDBUnit provides a mechanism to … Continue reading 

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Code Coverage: What Is It Good For?

Absolutely nothing. Or so the story goes… I had a mini-exchange with my pal Glenn Block last night on Twitter. He was recycling the somewhat old meme that code coverage is a cockamamie metric that, as he puts it, ” … Continue reading 

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I’m completely obsessed with the idea of low-technology: The term low-technology is a description of those crafts and tools whose inception (typically) predates the Industrial Revolution. A test for low-technology may be that it can be practiced or fabricated with … Continue reading 

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Return False on the Happy Path

When you call a query method that returns true or false, I highly suggest that you make true results trip conditional logic / guard clauses / etc. I was driving out some code today in an MVC controller that had … Continue reading 

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Making your code easier to understand context/specification style unit tests

When we started our current project we did not use context/specification style testing, instead we used testcase-per-class with a four-phase test model (also known as arrange-act-assert). Although we followed story-test driven development (STDD) we were not explicitly Behavior-Driven Development BDD … Continue reading 

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Seizing the BDD Nettle

Learning BDD I have been trying for some time now to understand what the Behavior Driven Development (BDD) exponents are talking about. I’m sure that Scott and Colin Jack are sick of me asking questions on BDD. This is pretty … Continue reading 

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What’s in a Job Title

One of the most frequently asked for attributes on a credit or job application is Job Title. As an independent business owner I have answered this question in multiple ways: Programmer Software Developer Software Engineer Architect CTO Coder President Jedi … Continue reading 

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Twitter Conversations : First Refactoring

Thanks for the feedback and encouragement so far. This project has been fun and I hope you keep enjoying it so far. Refactoring Required I knew going in that the first cut of this application needed some serious refactoring. The … Continue reading 

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