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ReSharper, Import Symbol Completion, XML files, and You

System.Type and XML are the nuts and gum of the development world. You can stuff a System.Type into an XML file, but it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Sometimes you don’t have much choice. For example: Custom configuration … Continue reading 

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Tools for disparate teams: AgileZen Edition

Still neck-deep in start-up mode these days. I still don’t feel any different than I did before we started this venture whole hog in January but that might be because I was prepared for it. Since the baby came in … Continue reading 

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Automating browser actions with Vimium and AutoHotKey

Quick PSA today on automating tasks in web apps that don’t have keyboard shortcuts. I had to migrate about 110 stories from one AgileZen project to another. As yet, AgileZen’s API is read-only so after confirming that the eldest offspring … Continue reading 

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psake v4.00

It is with great pleasure that I announce psake v4.00, which you can download here. The project has grown up a great deal in the last few months. More projects are using psake for orchestrating their builds and we have … Continue reading 

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Releasing psake v1.00 & psake v2.00

A few announcements… First the big one. Many people have been using psake – both the PowerShell 1.0- and 2.0-compatible versions – in production without any significant issues. For that reason, we have released psake v1.00 (compatible with PowerShell 1.0). … Continue reading 

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Re-review of Kinesis

I’m over a month in with my new keyboard and, as promised, here is the follow-up. Typing speed has returned to more sporting level, as I had expected. The exercises included with the keyboard, while not Pulitzer Prize material, do … Continue reading 

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ViEmu/ReSharper update

I could just update my existing post from a couple of days ago but I have another point to make afterward. Firstly, there is a minor release of ViEmu available as of yesterday. What I found most notable was near … Continue reading 

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ViEmu and ReSharper, or “How to tone down your highlights”

Let it not be said the RSI is all fun and games. The hillbilly has just realized that he can legally date someone half his age and while that might open up a world of possibilities within his family tree … Continue reading 

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Installing ReSharper 4.5 in an Experimental Visual Studio Hive

Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and ReSharper 4.1 were happily running and helping me develop software, but I wanted to try out the early drops of ReSharper 4.5, which you can find here. I didn’t want to disturb my existing install. … Continue reading 

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OMG Rake!

Rake is just… lovely. There’s no other way to describe it. I just moved our XEVA Framework to rake and ended up with this build script weighing in at only 35 lines: Check out the :harvest task where I’m requiring … Continue reading 

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