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Subversion Turns 1.5

Given the number of developers using Subversion, I’m surprised that no one on my blogroll has mentioned the new Subversion clients released in the last few weeks. Subversion, TortoiseSVN, and VisualSVN have all synchronized their version numbers on v1.5. I’ll … Continue reading 

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Introducing psake

  A build automation tool… now with less XML… psake is a build automation tool written in PowerShell. It avoids the angle-bracket tax associated with executable XML by leveraging the PowerShell syntax in your build scripts. psake has a syntax … Continue reading 

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So Long Slickrun

For the longest time I have been running both SlickRun and Launchy on my machine. I kept both as I had not updated my copy of Launchy in a while and I found that slickrun was just much better for … Continue reading 

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Score 1 For Eliminating your hands flight path

For the last couple of weeks, I have been integrating Vim and a complementary set of tools into my development toolkit. I am firmly on board with what the pragmatic programmers say: "Learn a good editor, and learn it well!!" … Continue reading 

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Early Tool Theory

I got into a series of interesting conversations with the usual suspects, Austin edition, about tools. I wouldn’t say we covered what I’m about to outline here in totality; these snippets are only starting to coalesce and firm up in … Continue reading 

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Gettin’ Jiggy With VIM

Well you can officially call me a Vim junkie now!! Having spent the last couple of weeks working with it I can definitely say that I would not work at a machine that did not have it. That’s right, that … Continue reading 

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Hooked on VIM

After watching the first screencast that Aaron presented on Vim, I thought I would check it out. The first day was a little uncomfortable, 2 weeks later I am happy to report that I concur with Aaron’s statement, which is … Continue reading 

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ReSharper 4.0 Nightly Builds

Ever since the nightly builds for ReSharper 4.0 went live, being the REA (Resharper early adopter) that I am, I downloaded it and have been using it on my C# 3.5 projects. I am happy to report that even though … Continue reading 

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Another Handy Shortcut Combination (Shift + F10)

I might be a little late on this one, but I just learned a new shortcut that will definitely save me time when I am working in my VM on my mac. I love to use the keyboard. And when … Continue reading 

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Folder != Namespace

Update: turns out this is a R# feature not a VS feature. Thanks Andy!  Here’s something I discovered in Visual Studio some time ago:   Seems you can select one or more folders and turn off their “namespace provider.” This … Continue reading 

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