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Automating browser actions with Vimium and AutoHotKey

Quick PSA today on automating tasks in web apps that don’t have keyboard shortcuts. I had to migrate about 110 stories from one AgileZen project to another. As yet, AgileZen’s API is read-only so after confirming that the eldest offspring … Continue reading 

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Using AutoHotKey to map the Ctrl key, or “How to Ctrl your closure”

Quick productivity blorg today. Because if hillbillies are known for anything, it’s their efficacy. And their ability to use words they don’t quite know the meaning of but can fake in context. (I’m referring, of course, to “efficacy”. I know … Continue reading 


ViEmu/ReSharper update

I could just update my existing post from a couple of days ago but I have another point to make afterward. Firstly, there is a minor release of ViEmu available as of yesterday. What I found most notable was near … Continue reading 

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SimpleStateMachine on CodePlex

I bet you didn’t know hillbillies believe in kismet. Well, we do, mostly because it typically works in our favour. The minute things start going wrong, well, that’s just plain someone else’s fault and typically requires at least one lawsuit. … Continue reading 

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Close everything and unzip all

Couple o’ quick productivity tips. The first I posted on Twitter yesterday. That is, in Visual Studio, you can map Ctrl-Alt-F4 so that it closes all open document windows. It’s a noticeable time saver for me because I often get … Continue reading 


Dust off the credit card

During my presentations at South Florida Code Camp, some people asked on the tools I was using. I went off on a bit of a tangent on tools in general and cut myself off when it occurred to me, "this … Continue reading 


Database refactoring, or "How to remove a schema"

Welcome back, revolutionaries! We’ve had a small reprieve from the fight to let our early anarchy settle in and—….y’know what. The revolutionary jargon is getting too hard to write and the refactorings more involved so I’ll just throw out a … Continue reading 

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ClassTester, or "How to exercise your assembly"

Fear not, brethren and…uhhh….sistren. The resistance is still alive. But the revolutionary jargon will get in the way here so I’m reverting to a more traditional means of expression. Among the things we’ve implemented as part of our project clean-up … Continue reading 

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