Mob programming – full team, full throttle

One of the things that fascinates me with our industry is that you can learn new stuff, things that throw your current ideas on end and even provokes you – every day. For my first blog post here I thought I share such a concept that have surfaced to my mind the last couple of months.

Being offered to blog for CodeBetter was nothing I expected and I’m deeply humbled, a bit proud and somewhat nervous. So I thought the best way of handle those feelings was to just write about something that provoked me a lot when I first learned about it, and probably will provoke you too. This way we get to know each other, I thought :).

In this post we’ll take a look at mob programming – a concept that made me ask the same questions that I have had to answer for agile practices that we take for granted today, like pair programming and limiting work in process. The post has two parts; first I’ll quickly introduce the concept of mob programming and then have a little discussions on the implications of using it. Hopefully provoke you a bit in the process and maybe tempt you to try it out.

But beware: mob programming is only for those that really want to deliver stuff really, really fast. And with the highest quality possible. The rest of us cannot handle it.

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