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A New Job

I must say that the hardest part about leaving a company is leaving the people you enjoy working with.  It is something that I have had to do over and over again especially while serving in the US Navy several years ago.  When the company that employs you is downsizing and you know the local market for software development has almost dried up, then you know its time to move on.

Today marks the end of my first week working for Captech Ventures in Richmond, Virginia.  I have not been this excited about going to work for a long time.   Darrell Norton and I share an office and we have a door… something I have not had in years.  I’m not going too excited about having a door and a quiet development environment.  This assignment is only for two months and is more of the exception than the norm.  Paul Laudeman is just down the hall (he doesn’t have a door).  It’s good to be working with these guys again.

The future here looks bright and exciting.  Captech is hosting “Tomorrow, Today”, a technology summit on November 5th, at the The Science Museum of Virginia.

The only thing left to do is to move closer to Richmond.  I just have to decide how long I am willing to drive an hour each way to work.  Between my wife’s eagerness to move and the commute, I think we will be moving much sooner than later.


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