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Integrity of the Microsoft Certification Program

The integrity of the certification program is important.  People who obtain certifications by cheating only hurts those who honestly put forth the effort to obtain their certifications. Here is an expert from the certification program guidelines: “NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT. All Microsoft … Continue reading 

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Tony McCune, Director of Business Development at CrossLogic, wrote the following article: Five myths about ‘Wronghorn’ After reading this “unbiased” article, and visiting his website, I can understand why he wrote this completely impartial and objective commentary. Excerpt from the … Continue reading 

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Open-source fight on the ‘wrong battleground’

In  Open-source fight on the ‘wrong battleground’, Andrew Colley writes: Proponents of open-source and proprietary software are exchanging blows “on the wrong battleground” said Gartner Research vice president Andrea Di Maio today. Di Maio argued that while open-source disciples have arranged … Continue reading 

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Old habits resurface

After browsing the source code for the project I am currently on, I stumbled upon the following statement within a method:  On Error Resume Next. Private Sub SubNameChanged() On Error Resume Next‘Some code that may fail here End Sub A … Continue reading 

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Steve Ballmer makes a funny

Quote taken from  Microsoft, EU square off behind closed doors , Reuters. Michael Hausfeld, who has brought U.S. class actions against Microsoft on behalf of consumers, said he will show a videotaped deposition of Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer to … Continue reading 

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Give me your money or your website gets it!

This is interesting; in Crime gangs extort money with hacking threat , Chris Nuttall writes:  “Evidence of a new type of international extortion racket emerged on Tuesday with revelations that blackmailers have been exploiting computer hacking techniques to threaten the ability of companies … Continue reading 

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Outlook for the future…

In the article “Firms should be cleaning the desktop” Andy McCue writes: Steve Prentice, chief of research at Gartner, said in a statement: “By 2004, web services will represent the dominant mode of deployment for new application solutions for Fortune … Continue reading 

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Excel automation (interop) with the .NET Framework

***********************************************************************UPDATE: 12/10/2003:Related article: Code:*********************************************************************** I haven’t found much information out there that addresses Excel automation for my needs.  Here is the scenario: Standard reports that currently exist in Excel will need to be reused when migrating to the … Continue reading 

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University of Tennessee in Iraq

This is too funny not to post… An army officer decided to paint a water tower in Iraq the colors of UT… how funny is that! See the links below:  

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Microsoft sets up virus-hunting fund Will this really work? Law enforcement has had success with programs like Crime Stoppers and Fox’s TV show America’s Most Wanted…  I think this program could have an impact on the “teenage hacker” or the programmer who writes this … Continue reading 

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