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Police officer blogs about his *transgressions*

Known as  Brooklynbacon, this police officer posts about his transgressions while on duty.  Here is the article. Excerpt:  “So I have come up with a better way of writing tickets. I just write down the plates of the cars that … Continue reading 

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Off-Topic funny

This is funny.  I could not resist the urge to post this on my blog. Click Here.

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There is a NEW Sheriff in Town

Bloggers watch out, there is a new Sheriff in town.  His name is Veintitrés Puros, he is *Self-Appointed*, and his ticket book is ready.  Type of offenses vary from |W:OT| (Warning: Off-Topic) to |C:BW| (Citation: Blatantly Wrong). When you get pulled over, … Continue reading 

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Why I do not use Real Player

Here are my comments in response to the following article: Real hits Microsoft with $1 billion antitrust suit  I stopped using Real Player several years ago… after version 2 (tried realOne and did not like it). I stopped mainly because … Continue reading 

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Zero or One-Based?

When I used to program in VB 6, I would always get confused when using indexes.  Some indexes were one-based, others were zero-based.  I would have to check the documentation beforehand or try a different index until I hit the … Continue reading 

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Don’t spam in Virginia

It’s about time. Excerpts from Derrill Holly’s article, WTOP:Two North Carolina men were the first people charged under Virginia’s anti-spam law, authorities said Thursday. The two allegedly sent e-mails promoting investment schemes, computer software and other products. Both men are expected to … Continue reading 

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Paschal asks “What about other .Net languages?”

Paschal asks What about other .NET languages?  I have my own thoughts on C# and VB.NET.  But to extend his question, I would ask is having them a good thing in the first place? Scenario: Suppose a company, perhaps a … Continue reading 

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WeProgram.NET Presentation: Office XP PIAs

We had a great time at last nights meeting.  I presented on the Office XP PIAs.  The presentation focused on automating Microsoft Word and Excel.  The examples as well as the presentation slides are available here.  Examples are provided in … Continue reading 

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