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Monthly Archives: July 2004

Labor group: Microsoft offshoring work on Longhorn

“Microsoft denied that work on key pieces of Longhorn is being done by third-party companies but declined to comment on the number of workers assigned to the company through contractors in India. “The development of our core technologies, our intellectual … Continue reading 

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An Emotional Computer

Maybe someday in the future, my computer will show emotion.  Perhaps it will make sad faces when I write bad code, smile when I tell it a joke, shine with glee when I install a new version of Visual Studio.NET….  The possibilities are … Continue reading 

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The blah, blah blog trap

David Hornik writes:  “…I attended yet another social-networking panel. This time it was an event sponsored by Silicon Valley’s Churchill Club on the subject of “Blogging and Social Networking: Who Cares?”…  Unfortunately, I have seen enough of these panels to conclude … Continue reading 

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What does knowing XML really mean?

Darrell Norton emailed this diagram to me from this website. When a person lists XML as a recent skill on their resume, does it mean they know all of this? Just a thought. –Mark

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BPL: Broadband over Powerline

“Called Broadband over Powerline or BPL, the technology uses the power grid to deliver data along with electricity. Just as phone and cable wires have excess capacity not needed to carry voice or TV, power lines have enough headroom to … Continue reading 

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Mono bringing .Net to Linux

Martin LaMonica interviews Miguel de  Icaza, VP of development at Novell.  He has some very interesting comments about ASP.NET, J2EE, Mono 1.0, and the future of Mono. “ People always talk about the battle for the hearts and minds of developers, who … Continue reading 

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SCOP: Overcoming the limitations of OOP

 Darrell Norton, in this post,  recently blogged on the limitations of object-oriented solutions.  I think Darrell has overlooked the benefits of a very prevalent pattern in use since the dawn of software development.  SCOP (Spaghetti Code Oriented Programming), pronounced “ess-cop“, has several … Continue reading 

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Offshoring backlash spreads

“…we asked the silicon.com CIO Jury this week whether customer backlash now figures in the overall business equation for offshoring. Overwhelmingly the panel voted ‘yes’, with only one out of 12 respondents disagreeing.” Article:http://zdnet.com.com/2100-1107_2-5259663.html?tag=zdfd.newsfeed Additional:http://zdnet.com.com/2100-1104_2-5259796.html?tag=zdfd.newsfeed –Mark

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