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Application Compatibility Guide for Windows XP Service Pack 2

“ …This guide will assist IT Professionals to test and mitigate application compatibility issues arising from these more stringent security technologies. “ Download the Application Compatibility Testing and Mitigation Guide for Windows XP Service Pack 2 from Microsoft’s download center. … Continue reading 

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Outsourcing medical transcripts… bad idea

“In theory, it’s a straightforward process but reality proved otherwise. The mistakes in the transcriptions were so serious, it prompted the Association of Medical Secretaries to go public with spokesman Michael Fiennes citing several horrific examples in the Daily Mail: … Continue reading 

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Darrell Norton, my esteemed co-worker, was promoted to Senior Consultant. His new responsibilities include: Involved in one or more corporate development roles Light supervision of other employees Project leadership Participation on CapTech leadership team Mentors fellow employees   Great Job! … Continue reading 

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.NET tools list

Via tberman, here is an MSDN link to a list of .NET tools from Obfuscators to Decompilers, from libraries, to implementations of the CLI. –Mark

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Fake a switch to Linux and get a discount from Microsoft

Seems that some companies are *using* Linux as leverage.  I’ll bet Microsoft will start calling the bluff pretty soon. Excerpt:  “ The phrase “doing a Newham” has even been coined, to describe the act of threatening Microsoft with a defection … Continue reading 

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Windows XP SP2 Conflicts

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article – 842242 This KB article lists firewall issues, ports, games, hardware vendor info, and more. –Mark

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Reviewed: Verizon Wireless VZAccess Manager with the PC 5220 Card

Back in April I posted this review: Reviewed: Verizon Wireless Broadband Access with the AirPrime PC 5220 card.  This review has gotten a lot of feedback over that last few months.  Now is a good time to consolidate some of … Continue reading 

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Microsoft to launch blog service

“Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, said Wednesday that it plans to start a trial service on Aug. 10 in cooperation with unlisted Japanese contents provider TOS, followed by an official launch later this year.“ Read on here. –Mark

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