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Shorter hours in software

It seems that shorter work days are the new trend in the software industry.  I think EA helped bring this to the forefront, but companies may not be all to blame. A tough-guy culture among coders also seems to have been … Continue reading 

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Determine User Site Group (Role) Membership in SharePoint 2003

Since there is no method to test whether a user is a member of a specific SharePoint Site Group such as Reader, Member, etc., use the following method:         private bool IsCurrentUserInRole(string role)        {            bool inRole= false;             SPWeb rootWeb = … Continue reading 

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How To Retrieve a User’s Profile in SharePoint 2003

I am currently building a Web Part for our internal SharePoint 2003 portal site that will return the employee directory complete with photo, email address, and home, work, and cell phone numbers. To do this, the web part needs to … Continue reading 

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Fifty Invites from GMail

Today Paul pointed out that GMail has given us 50 invites to give away. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have had a hard time giving away the sets of six that GMail gave out in the past. –Mark

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What do I use to blog with?

Ben asked the following question: I’m wondering what app you guys use to write your blog entries? I’m currently using the beta of Visual Blogger, but its still got quite a few bugs, it can be quite aggravating sometimes. I would … Continue reading 

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