Problems with Rhapsody to Go

Surprisingly, this is actually my first “rant” of 2005.  I am completely frustrated with Real Networks new Rhapsody subscription, “Rhapsody to Go.

On April 26th, Real Networks announced Rhapsody 3.0 and a new subscription tiers.  So I upgraded to Rhapsody to Go.  This subscription is $14.99 per month, and is supposed to allow you to download all the music you want to your portable device.  Take a look at their help documentation here.

The device I am transferring to is my IPod Shuffle which is supported (  Here is my problem: every time I try to transfer music to my portable device, I get prompted to pay 89 cents for each song that I want to transfer.

So I emailed customer support twice, then finally called (to get a phone number, you have to try to cancel your subscription from within Rhapsody).  They told me that anytime I want to transfer music I have to pay 89 cents regardless of the “To Go” subscription that I have.  This in complete contradiction to what they are advertising with their subscription serviceQuite frankly, I am in disbelief.  This seems to me like false advertising, pure and simple.

[Update (thanks to Brandon Paddock) :  It seems that I, along with the Rhapsody customer service reps missed the little bit of info :

Basic: Plays simple MP3, WMA, AAC etc.
Download: Plays all of the above, PLUS secure music purchased from Rhapsody
Subscription: Plays all of the above, PLUS subscription downloads from Rhapsody To Go

I wish this was posted in a more conspicuous place]

This is the first paragraph from this help file:

“A portable player or device allows you to take your local music with you wherever you go. But with a the appropriate Rhapsody subscription, you can download and transfer thousands of Rhapsody subscription tracks, at no additional cost beyond your subscription rates. Much of the vast Rhapsody Music Guide library is yours to put in your pocket and take with you anywhere.”

This is from their advertisement from their site:

  • Unlimited access to over 1 million songs

  • Unlimited transfers to your portable devices

  • Unlimited pre-programmed and custom radio

  • Effortless music playback and discovery

  • Personalized music recommendations

These statements clearly state that I do not have to pay for each song.  What part of “no additional cost” includes 89 cents per track?  What part of “Unlimited transfers to your portable devices” includes 89 cents per track?

I have since cancelled my Rhapsody subscription, and I will purchase one or two albums from ITunes a month from now on.


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56 Responses to Problems with Rhapsody to Go

  1. Peaceman says:

    All of you people with Sansa players make sure it’s set up correctly like Sam says, in MTP mode not mass storgae mode. Those are great players.

    All of you receiving the “sync your player message” every few weeks is because it’s a subscription service. It has to verify that you payed your monthly bill. It’s every 4 weeks to be exact. I don’t get this message because I’m constantly updating music, movie clips, and photos on my Sansa WITH Rhapsody software. Even on the rare occasion I let the tracks license expire I still have the tracks I own to listen to.

    Rhapsody has to keep up with the mass electronic garbage being produced. They have a line of solid players that work with their system that they clearly list. Some of you need to read more carefully. It’s all in black and whit how Rhapsody works on their site.

    Now for some Apple bashing. You can’t do anything with their DRM encoded itunes except transfer them to an ipod or burn them. You must pay for them first. Keep DRM on the subscription side Apple needs to get into the subscription game. I still purchase DRM free MP3’s from Rhapsody even though I have a subscription when I want to make somebody an album. Good luck getting anything apple off your PC entirely.

    Rhapsody Rocks! I love it! Napster probrably kicks ass to. Let the subscription age move on! Movies, music, and all!

  2. walker says:

    DRM is the most common reason for tracks not working on “compatible devices”. Compatible devices meaning devices that are compatible with “Rhapsody to go”. If your device is listed on Rhapsody’s compatible “Rhapsody To Go” list, their support team is more than willing to help you get the DRM (Digital Rights Management) setup and working. I came across this website looking for a compatible program for an Ipod because I have been using the service for my Sansa for a long time and I have a friend that has an ipod that wanted to use it. Unfortunatly Apple won’t allow this. They are the reason that we can’t transfer the files to the device without having to pay for each individual track. I saw so many people complaining that Rhapsody is the problem. Put your blame on Apple. They might as well be a monopoly. Ofcourse, if I owned Apple and I was making money not only on the mp3 players, but the itunes website as well, I wouldn’t want to sign a contract with Rhapsody or Napster just to lose money. If you own a business then that’s what you do….compete. It’s a business. Apple wants to make money so their way of doing that is making sure that people can’t use subscription services like Napster and Rhapsody to transfer files to the mp3 players. All in all, you really can’t be mad at Rhapsody or Apple. I have been using Rhapsody (aka Musicmatch and Yahoo Musicmatch) for the past five years and have been COMPLETELY happy with the program. If you go out and buy a compatible device, then all you have to do to be able to listen to almost anything you want is to pay 15.00 a month for the service. That’s equivalent to one cd a month. and they let you use the software on 3 different devices. My advice is to go buy a Sansa Fuze for around 60.00 and use either Napster or Rhapsody To Go. It’s worth it! The Sansa Fuse also has an external MicroSD slot that you can upgrade the amount of memory to 36 GB of music. I’ve bought my whole family one of these devices and everyone has been completely satisfied with it.

  3. Benji says:

    Rhapsody to go software version 4.0 still sucks. I did find that i’m able to get music on my Sansa Fuze by adding songs from my library to the mixer and from the mixer drag and drop onto my Sansa device and the songs are added without problems. Napster to go worked without any problems at all, why can’t Rhapsody get it together? Sticking with Rhapsody for now because i like Rhapsody Unlimited on the web.

  4. andy says:

    I like the rhapsody to go subscription but I am getting frustrated with thier horrible and ill-informed tech support, however I am not ready to completely give up. Everytime I try to access the Rhapsody software on my computer, the titlee page comes up and then immediatley closes. Has anyone else had this problem and been able to solve it. The tech support keeps telling me the same thing over and over.

  5. tammy says:

    my rapsody said no inernet and the was a inernet hooked up and it told me to set rapsody up and it said troble shooter would help

  6. Katy says:

    Let me clear some things up for you!

    Okay, by access to over 1 million songs at no additional cost, it means these:

    -You can listen to their entire stock for no additional cost to the $14.99 a month.
    -If you have a mobile phone with VCAST or something, you can browse the entire library and listen to each song for no additional cost.

    However, nowhere does it say you own the song or can transfer, burn, or share it in any way.

    By unlimited transfers to your device, it means you may transfer as much music as you like to your music player if you already own the songs. It will not limit how many songs you can burn, put on your MP3 player, etc.

    I do admit that some of the things said are misleading and Rhapsody can be very confusing, but all the features are there and available.

    Hope this cleared some things up!

    By the way, I’ve been having trouble on my Samsung Glyde, which is advertised to be compatible with Rhapsody On the Go (it’s VCAST with Rhapsody), I have an account on Rhapsody, authorized my phone, and it said that I now have access, but I can’t make it work.

  7. senecaville says:

    I love Rhapsody……someone dont pay their subscription the songs are frozen on their player and i get a cheap player on ebay….thanks

  8. Shayne says:


  9. LeahLou says:

    Once I understood how to use Rhapsody, I really like it. I don’t have to pay .89 a song and I have as many songs as I like. You just have to remember to update your device and Rhapsody player…but you have to do that with almost everything now a days to get it to work right. The only thing that I don’t like is that I can’t find a place to purchase videos/movies/shows for my MP4 player. Does anyone know of a website to get these?

  10. laura says:

    I signed up for a 14 day trial & I cant figure out how to do anything so I want to cancel my prescription before I get charged & I CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO CANCEL! CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME??!!

  11. Amy says:

    I am a new user to Rhapsody. I bought an MP3 SanDisk View ( I think this is the official name) and I got Rhapsody ( I don’t know if it’s “To Go” or something else) for two months. Since I don’t understand MP3 players very well, I started to “download” music and had a ton of music on my MP3 player when it all disappeared after two months.

    I want to purchase music, so I bought a $25.00 Digital Music Store card from Best Buy. I got onto “Rhapsody” on my computer and tried to buy a song. All of the sudden a screen came up for me to fill in my personal information, including my Visa card number. I don’t understand why I have to give my credit card number when I have a pin number on my already-purchase $25.00 gift card. I don’t want to give out my credit card number, especially since I called Rhapsody (in India) and was told repeatedly that I had to give my credit card number in order to purchase a song. I repeatedly said that I’ve already paid $25.00, why do I have to give a credit card number, too? I called Best Buy and they won’t take the card back because I already scratched off the pin number. So, basically, I’m out $25.00 unless I give my credit card number. It seems very unfair and very underhanded to me. Maybe I’m missing some detail here. Help?

  12. Caroline D says:

    You think THAT’S BAD? I have been a (Lycos) Rhapsody customer for a long time. Use a Windows 2000 Pro machine. Had their software for years with their “Unlimited” ($12.99 a month) membership. One day I opened the software, tried to log in, it said I had to download their upgrade to be able to continue. I tried to but kept getting “page cannot be displayed” everytime I tried. I wrote customer support and have been writing them for months now. They keep writing back telling me to try this and that solution, none of which worked. I still don’t have the software, can’t burn anything, can only use their online site to LISTEN to music (no burning capability) and then I found a buried FAQ that said the upgraded software is ONLY compatible with Vista and XP! So here they were telling me for months to do things to try to effect the download when they KNEW it wouldn’t work because I have Windows 2000 (and they collected their money month after month for my membership which was supposed to give me “unlimited” access to songs and downloads and I can’t download or burn anyting!). I’ll be calling my state attorney general about this. This is outright FRAUD!

  13. kyle says:

    i am having a problem with my sansa e260 4.0 GB i have hasd it for about a month and a half with no problems untill now i plugged it into my computer like usual to charge it and i came back about an hour latter and now it appears to be off and will not turn on and the computer does not recognize it either help!!!!

  14. Brooks says:

    I have that same problem. I download them, then they play a few times, then a week later i have to resync. but even then it doesn’ talways work, and it puts the whoel lbrary on the player, which is not what i want. help!
    Rhapsody 4.0 or higher.

  15. Sam says:

    Hi Kristen,

    I understand that you are getting the message synchronize your music subscription while playing the tracks in your device.

    May I know the version of Rhapsody that you are using?

  16. Sam says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I have view your posting. I understand that you are prompted to purchase the tracks while transferring the tracks to your device.

    Please ensure that your device is in MTP or Auto Detect or Rhapsody Mode and then try transferring the tracks to your device without purchasing them.

  17. Dan says:

    I got this message once and called the Rhapsody people. They were very helpful. Apparently there is a program in the Rhapsody folder in your Program Files folder that wipes all the DMA records from your computer. I wouldn’t use this haphazardly though. Then you have to unlicense your computer and relicense both the computer and the rhapsody files on your devices. Another thing that might work is to upgrade to the newest version of Media player. It installs some new version of files that could potentially get rid of the synchronization issues. Hope this helps.

  18. Kristen says:

    What do I do if I get the “synchronize your music subscription”????

  19. Sheesh people says:

    OK. For those who might still have this question: YOU SHOULD NOT BE GETTING PROMPTED TO PAY $.89 PER TRACK TO TRANSFER SONGS TO YOUR PORTABLE DEVICE IF YOU HAVE A RHAPSODY TO GO SUBSCRIPTION AND YOUR PLAYER IS ON THEIR LIST AS BEING COMPATIBLE. If you meet the above criteria (have a Rhapsody to Go subscription and are using a SUPPORTED portable device and you are still getting the prompt to pay, you have encountered what is known in the software world as a bug, a glitch, an error, a defect, you get the picture. If you are having problems, I would suggest the following: (1) try updating the firmware on your player. (2) if that doesn’t work try reinstalling the Rhapsody client software. (3) if that still doesn’t work, try switching to Napster To Go.

    Personally, I’ve been using both Napster to go and Rhapsody to go for over a year now and I have had no problems and love the subscription model. There are three kinds of people: 1) those who are constantly looking for new music and will often try music they don’t end up liking, 2) those who have a solid core of music they listen to and run across new stuff they like occasionally, 3) those who listen to the same music they always have and rarely, if ever, try anything new. If you are a type 1, the subscription model is better for you. If you are a type 2, you might want to go with an iPod and iTunes as you probably won’t download and listen to more than 15 new tracks a month. If you are a type 3, buy a CD player and be done with it.

  20. Thanks For The Platform Good Information

  21. Well, I say have your cake and eat it too. I love Rhapsody and will gladly pay the 14.99. No, my expensive little IPod Nano doesn’t jive- but oh well. My cheapie SanDisk M250 2 GB plugged into just about anything “ROCKS”

    This is going to be my husbands christmas present. It has taken some time to download all the music and I have also purchased about $50.00 worth of his favorites to keep always. It is cheaper than therapy. As for my IPod, I will keep it as well and I love the Nike+ it is on the other computer. 2 computers total. I tried to run ITunes and Rhapsody on one PC. I will not try that again. I am shopping for a 2nd Rhapsody 2 Go device that is compatible for myself. My birthday is around the corner. So I say. 2 players are better than 1 and three is the BEST of All. We all work hard and I think we deserve such luxuries. I love them both ITunes & Rhapsody.
    (We are in an isolated area where there are no radio signals most of the time!)
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  22. Corey says:

    I bought an iPOd Shuffle, didn’t work. Obviously this was awhile ago. Since then Ive purchased the Sansa E260. It has worked! I updated the FirmWare and it runs sweet. But I JUST received a “Synchronize your music subscription” type error. That’s how I came across this blog from Google.

    The whole point of getting the E260 was to use RhapsodyToGo. I have 89 days according to WalMart to return it (It was $5 more than to justify my HaveItNow-syndrome).

    iPod’s don’t integrate with lots of services since they were the first out of the box. Everyone else is improving on iPod’s design. Sansa will be decent, when it comes around. Zune — what a joke. Microsoft needs to stick to having the plethera of buggy software and game consoles — not create buggy MP3 hardware and software. heh

  23. Dan says:

    It seems that evryone that is knocking either Apple or Rhapsody is doing so because they have some sort of issue with something not working (of course this makes perfect sense). Being fairly good with computers, I’ve seen both Apples and Pcs crash from time to time … there is no perfectly running operating system and therefore no devices that work on every computer all the time. Granted, it is very frustrated to spend several hundred dollars on a device and then to realize that it does not work the way you thought it would.

    On that note, I have an older iPod that can only really be used to play “purchased” music … it works fine. I can’t use it with Rhapsody To Go which seems completely obvious to me why since Mac and PC usually stay ont he opposite sides of the fence. I also have an iRiver H10, which I purchased more recently. This device works extremely well with Rhapsody To Go. I DO NOT have to purchase any music other than my $14.99 subscription per month. Its really nice because you can sit around doing work or whatever listening to music on Rhapsody and if you hear a song that you like, Click on the Artist/Album, click transfer and (as long as your device is plugged in) have a new song or two to listen to in your car or the like. I’m sure Napster is probably very similar. The other thing I like about this sevrvice is that a laptop computer or the like can be used as a portable device. I mean by clicking transfer you actually transfer a song to your Windows music library and can listen to it from there whether or not you have internet. Rhapsody, I guess, also works on other operating systems as well (Linux and Mac OSX), although I’m am not sure how easy it is for a Mac to recognize a device that wasn’t made by Mac. The only thing you can not do with Rhapsody To Go is burn songs to a CD (this is because the licensing is different for downloading) and therefore in this case you will need to purchase the song.

    ITunes on the other hand, you have to buy the music to even listen to it. And if you like to pay for things, like our friend NeB from above, then it doesn’t really matter what service you have because they are all roughly the same. I know this probably doesn’t clear anything up from above but I just find it quite funny how when someone can’t get something to work properly, they mostly blaim the manufacturer of the product rather than actually spending more time researching the problem and working it out. Computers are funny things whether they are Macs or PCs! At some point Macs and PCs may even get along a little better.

  24. sonia says:

    i want to close my account??

  25. apar says:

    i want to close my account???????

  26. Scott says:

    My 2 cents.

    I am very frustrated with Rhapsody To Go. I love Rhapsody in general, but the to go feature is driving me crazy. I bought 2 different MP3 playes (all on the To Go List) and both don’t work. I’ve been on with Tech Support many times, they cannot solve the issue. Seems to work for one song here and there, then crashes when I attempt to transfer many songs at once. That’s weak. I’ve received many different error messages on why I cannot transfer. Liscense, not a supported device, problems with compatabilty with your device, etc. I wonder if their new Sansa Rhapsody MP3 player will work better. I’ll probably buy that one and check it out as long as I can return it like the rest if it doesn’t.

  27. Joe says:

    Rhapsody togo is crap. The program crashes, and i’m lucky if it will transfer to my Sansa half the time. I came across this site doing a google search for help because I am trying to “synch” and it keeps crashing, this is crap. Real is crap, always has been bad software. I don’t mind “leasing” music I was excited to sign up for the service but it just doesn’t work half the time. I will be cancelling SOON!

  28. Paul says:

    So if you have the to go option, you still have to pay to transfer the music? I have a sansa e260, and I am prompted to pay everytime I want to transfer a song with Rhapsody to go.

  29. Leishalynn says:

    Extremely annoying! I’ve been paying $15 a month and I can’t download tunes to my own player or my son’s! It’s irritating.

  30. Jessica says:

    I recently bought a Sandisk and when I was checking out, noticed a free card for Rhapsody. So I decided to try it. I fell in love with the subscription service, and it worked with the Sandisk. Unfortunately, the player is not very good for taking to the gym, so I decided to try a new Samsung one.

    It was not until then that I found out that the subscription didn’t work on all devices. If you go to and look at page 2 – it CLEARLY shows the Samsung (which I got). It lists this under Rhapsody To Go players. You have to actually go through the list to find out that it is NOT a Rhapsody To Go player.

    The box also says on it it supports subscription services and the website says it supports Rhapsody.

    There is a ton of misleading advertising going on here, and I’m pretty ticked off about it.

    Now I have to decide do I want to try yet another player, cancel the subscription and do the 99 cents per song, give up and switch to Itunes, or workout to the radio. *frown*

    I guess there are bigger things to worry about, but this is still pretty annoying.

  31. jpctech says:

    I have rhapsody to go and use it with my dell dj. I have no problems downloading anything and transferring it to my dell dj for listening “on the go”. The only thing i dislike is that after a few weeks i have to re-sync my dj to rhapsody to update the track licenses.

  32. NeB says:

    Quit Bashing Apple! Its not Jobs Fault he makes a product that will work, just not with crappie programs like Rhapsody.Windows blows and you all know it too.That is your problem. Go to a Record Store you know they still do exsist! Music Should be bought not lease

  33. PD says:

    It doesn’t make sense for everyone to criticize Rhapsody b/c it’s “to go” subscription service doesn’t work with iPods. No music subscription service works with iPods, and that’s because Apple is blocking that option.

  34. seth says:

    I am a cs with real and just thought I would add my 2 pennies..
    As far as Ipods go, it’s not our fault it’s not supported, it’s apple’s.

    Amanda, with your device, the e260, you are able to download unlimited music to your mp3 player. The subscription is 14.99 a month and there is no charge for dowloads “to your device” if you download to burn then there is a charge. You may want to update your device firmware to prevent charges. You can always call Real support for more information. 1-866-474-2650…Most people have problems because they do not read what they are signing up for. Read and understand what you are doing before you do it. It will save you a headache later..

  35. Kacey says:

    The problem is not Rhapsody. It is Steve Jobs, being a complete ass and not allowing anyone but him to make a profit with anything concerning his product.

  36. Amanda says:

    Thanks for the HELPFUL tip. Why didn’t I think of that?

  37. ounelly says:

    ummm amanda, not to be rude….. but, have you read ANY of the posts on here…. or even the blog itself? you should try it.

  38. Amanda says:

    Hey, do y’all know what they mean by subscription music anyway. I just bought my sansa e260 and it is supposed to be supported under subscription music but it still says I have to pay .89 cents per song. And then, when I did buy a couple of songs they won’t play on the player because it says “sychronize to continue subscription music” or something like that, which I thought I did, but who knows. Can someone help? I don’t know what’s going on.

  39. Will says:

    I think Rhapsody / Rhapsody to go is a great product. It is a shame they don’t support iPod but that isn’t a flaw with the product, it is across the board due to the current technology. You have to have a windows media player capable device to use the DRM / subscription content on 99% of major subscription services. Apple simply doesn’t support this.

    As far as having trouble moving songs to supported devices, I have had no problems at all. I was even able to transfer songs to an iPaq handheld (both on the device and an external SD card) and play it through my PDA. Very simple process, plug into USB, see drive letter appear, drag songs to drive letter and go.

    For the record, I did cancel my subscription simply because of the lack of support for iPod. I recognize it is not the fault of Rhapsody but I choose not to pay for a service that does not support my device (and yes that is in fine print but it is very clear if you click on the “compatible devices” link). My gripe now is the cost of the songs. You used to be able to purchase songs for .25. Simple, buy 4 songs for the cost of 1 from iTunes, import into iTunes, and sync with iPod. Alas, no more.

  40. Kev says:

    I have been very happy w/ Rhapsody on my PC–unlimited access to pretty much everything, and can download music for play on my laptop at no extra charge. The selection and user interface is excellent. I concur that their support for portables is a bit problematic, and unless you have a subscription ready device, you may get more bang for the buck from other services. I think Rhapsody should offer some X number of free downloads per month (depending on your subscription). Even at $0.89 per song, they are still less _per song_ than other services, which makes needing to subscribe to another service pretty much useless. However, given the monthly cost, it would be most benficial to those who use the unlimited, PC based, service frequently (which I think is a good deal.)

  41. bb says:

    From Rhapsody’s help section. Instead of bitching, why don’t you read.
    Please note: You can transfer purchased tracks and your own MP3 and AAC files from Rhapsody to your iPod (including the regular iPod, the iPod Nano, the iPod Shuffle, and the iPod Mini) once you set it up.

    Unfortunately, the iPod is not a supported device for Rhapsody To Go at this time.

  42. screwed says:

    yeah, 89 cents doesn’t seem right to me especially since I just fronted 90 bucks for a 6 month subscription, which ought to have been part of an $80 rebate , one of the main reasons why I purchased my sansa m240 (of couse I just got it on 3/11/06 and the rebate ended the end of Feb.) I’m being screwed all around by this!

  43. tim says:

    I am extremely frustrated with Rhapsody to Go, I’ve used the Rhapsody jukebox for a long time but I cannot seem to get the songs to transfer on my SanDisk m230, which is clearly supported by them and apart of the “subscription” section. Anyway, I think Im going to give Napster a shot because the whole purpose of me buying me mp3 player was to use it in conjunction with rhapsody to go. Any help would be appreciated.

  44. Jesse says:

    Personally, I think Rhapsody is a fantastic service. Despite having an Ipod (and clearly seeing that the subscription service is not available to it….it’s even bolded) I plan on keeping it. I can even bring the install program to a friend’s house and login to my account there, allowing me to have access to all my music anywhere I go that has a PC and some speakers.

    There are also a myriad of programs out there (i.e. Replay) that allow you to capture any stream going through your soundcard, separates them automatically into song tracks, AND queries the CDDB database for you to properly name them into mp3s.

    Of course, the legality of this might be in question….but that’s right, no one here has EVER downloaded an illegal mp3, right?

    Suddenly, all my music *can* be on my ipod.

  45. soontobeIriver says:

    Problem you have is that Rhapsody does support ipods but only for “downloaded” music (already on your pc or purchased from rhapsody) check it again in the same url you posted
    What you have is SUBSCRIPTION, and only a few devices support it… like the Iriver H10 which i haven´t personally tried but seems to be better than my soon to be sold ipod mini.
    Hope this get things clear.
    By the way personally i think rhapsody is much better organized and more easy to use than itunes, that’s my personal feeling.

  46. ipod mini says:

    Problem you have is that Rhapsody does support ipods but only for “downloaded” music (already on your pc or purchased from rhapsody) check it again in the same url you posted
    What you have is SUBSCRIPTION, and only a few devices support it… like the Iriver H10 which i haven´t personally tried but seems to be better than my soon to be sold ipod mini.
    Hope this get things clear.
    By the way personally i think rhapsody is much better organized and more easy to use than itunes, that’s my personal feeling.

  47. KT says:

    I totally agree. I’m a longtime Rhapsody subscriber who can’t believe that they rolled out a half baked product like Rhapsody to Go. Never could get the thing to transfer files to my Creative Muvo TX FM (which IS on their list of supported devices). Worse yet, their support is HORRIBLE. I send them an email telling them that I’ve updated firmware, authorized the PC, etc. , and they send me an email with a bunch of links to FAQs.

    I’m checking out Ipods as we speak. Way to tick off your loyal customers, Rhapsody.

  48. Dave Burke says:

    Thanks for posting this, Mark, and I’ll be checking back on any updated info or experience you may care to post. I got as far as registering for the free 25-per month account, but stopped when I had to download the Rhapsody Player. Thought I’d sit tight and learn more before doing that. Regards.

  49. mdigiovanni says:

    Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve updated this post to reflect the difference between the device classifications.


  50. Yeah, their website doesn’t make it very clear which devices are supported and which are not. I actually didn’t find that list until you pointed me to it. And I didn’t see the “basic/download/subscription” descriptions right away either.

    But I did see that my Zen Micro was listed as “subscription,” which kind of gave away the game :)

  51. mdigiovanni says:

    You’re correct. Download is specified for the Apple IPod.

    When I asked customer service if this was specific to the IPod, they told me it didn’t matter what device you use. They said that 89 cents would have to be paid regardless.

    This confusion could be a result of the new subscription tiers and their customer service reps not being fully informed about what is supported and what is not.


  52. Take a closer look.

    That list clearly states which players support Subscription services and which do not.

    The iPod and iPod Shuffle are listed as supporting “download” only, not “subscription.”

    Rhapsody To Go is Real’s portable subscription plan. Steve Jobs has stated several times that the iPod line will never support subscription services because he doesn’t think Apple can make enough money from that kind of service.

  53. mdigiovanni says:

    The IPod is supported. Here is the list of supported devices:

    The IPod is listed under Apple.


  54. mdigiovanni says:

    I looked into Napster. They do not support any of Apple’s IPod devices.


  55. sahilmalik says:

    U seen Napster?

  56. Werkzeuge, Zubehör u. Mist says:

    Does it surprise you, really? These are the same people that have forced RealJukebox, AOL, etc. on us every year with their “free” player. iTunes is much better in general. The rest are simply wannabes. Nothing wrong with that but if you’re going to wannabe, then you got work for it.

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