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node.js: A little application with Twitter and CouchDB

I’ve been continuing to play around with node.js and I thought it would be interesting to write a little application to poll Twitter every minute and save any new Tweets into a CouchDB database. I first played around with CouchDB … Continue reading 

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Defensive Programming and the UI

A few weeks ago I was looking at quite an interesting bug in our system which initially didn’t seem possible. On one of our screens we have some questions that the user fills in which read a bit like this: … Continue reading 

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TDD: Expressive test names

Towards the end of a post I wrote just over a year ago I suggested that I wasn’t really bothered about test names anymore because I could learn what I wanted from reading the test body. Recently, however, I’ve come … Continue reading 

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Essential and accidental complexity

I’ve been reading Neal Ford’s series of articles on Evolutionary architecture and emergent design and in the one about ‘Investigating architecture and design‘ he discusses Essential and accidental complexity which I’ve previously read about in Neal’s book, ‘The Productive Programmer‘. … Continue reading 

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Parallel Pair Programming

I’ve spent a bit of time working with Les recently and it’s been quite interesting working out the best way for us to pair together as he’s working as a front end developer on the team which means he’s best … Continue reading 

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node.js: First thoughts

I recently came across node.js via a blog post by Paul Gross and I’ve been playing around with it a bit over the weekend trying to hook up some code to call through to the Twitter API and then return … Continue reading 

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A reminder of the usefulness of Git

  Despite the fact that none of the projects that I’ve worked on have used Git or Mercurial as the team’s main repository I keep forgetting how useful those tools can be even if they’re just being used locally. I … Continue reading 

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Preventing systematic errors: An example

James Shore has an interesting recent blog post where he describes some alternatives to over reliance on acceptance testing and one of the ideas that he describes is fixing the process whenever a bug is found in exploratory testing. He … Continue reading 

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