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How I Learned to Let My Workers Lead

I recently came across a really interesting article written by Ralph Stayer titled ‘How I Learned to Let My Workers Lead‘ about his experiences at Johnsonville Foods. It describes the way that he was able to help change the company … Continue reading 

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Saved from an episode of bear shaving

As part of our continuous integration build we have a step in the build which tears down a Windows service, uninstalls it and then reinstalls it later on from the latest files checked into the repository. One problem we’ve been … Continue reading 

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Reading code: underscore.js

I’ve been spending a bit of time reading through the source code of underscore.js, a JavaScript library that provides lots of functional programming support which my colleague Dave Yeung pointed out to me after reading my post about building a … Continue reading 

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Finding the assumptions in stories

My colleague J.K. has written an interesting blog post where he describes a slightly different approach that he’s been taking to writing stories to help move the business value in a story towards the beginning of the description and avoid … Continue reading 

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Selenium, Firefox and HTTPS pages

A fairly common scenario that we come across when building automated test suites using Selenium is the need to get past the security exception that Firefox pops up when you try to access a self signed HTTPS page. Luckily there … Continue reading 

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TDD: Consistent test structure

While pairing with Damian we came across the fairly common situation where we’d written two different tests – one to handle the positive case and one the negative case. While tidying up the tests after we’d got them passing we … Continue reading 

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