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Azure Table Storage Performance Considerations

This is my first post on CodeBetter, so I’ll briefly present myself. My name is Dario Solera, I’m co-founder and CEO at Threeplicate. Luckily, I spend most of my time writing code. We develop two web applications: Amanuens, a cloud-based … Continue reading 


How I Learned to Let My Workers Lead

I recently came across a really interesting article written by Ralph Stayer titled ‘How I Learned to Let My Workers Lead‘ about his experiences at Johnsonville Foods. It describes the way that he was able to help change the company … Continue reading 


Saved from an episode of bear shaving

As part of our continuous integration build we have a step in the build which tears down a Windows service, uninstalls it and then reinstalls it later on from the latest files checked into the repository. One problem we’ve been … Continue reading 

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Defensive Programming and the UI

A few weeks ago I was looking at quite an interesting bug in our system which initially didn’t seem possible. On one of our screens we have some questions that the user fills in which read a bit like this: … Continue reading 


Essential and accidental complexity

I’ve been reading Neal Ford’s series of articles on Evolutionary architecture and emergent design and in the one about ‘Investigating architecture and design‘ he discusses Essential and accidental complexity which I’ve previously read about in Neal’s book, ‘The Productive Programmer‘. … Continue reading 


A reminder of the usefulness of Git

  Despite the fact that none of the projects that I’ve worked on have used Git or Mercurial as the team’s main repository I keep forgetting how useful those tools can be even if they’re just being used locally. I … Continue reading 

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Preventing systematic errors: An example

James Shore has an interesting recent blog post where he describes some alternatives to over reliance on acceptance testing and one of the ideas that he describes is fixing the process whenever a bug is found in exploratory testing. He … Continue reading 

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