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Side Effecting Functions are Code Smells

I know the title might catch a few people off guard, but let me explain.  Side effecting functions, for the most part, are code smells.  This is a very important concept in Domain Driven Design (DDD) that’s often overlooked.  For … Continue reading 

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Upcoming Functional Programming/F# Talks

Well, I certainly have an ambitious May schedule ahead of me.  Most of course will be revolving around functional programming and F# as it seems to be finally catching on.  I’ve been noticing a bunch from the Java and Ruby … Continue reading 

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Making Spec# a Priority

During ALT.NET Open Spaces, Seattle, I spent a bit of time with Rustan Leino and Mike Barnett from the Spec# team at Microsoft Research.  This was to help introduce Design by Contract (DbC) and Spec# to the ALT.NET audience who … Continue reading 

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As I’ve said before on my previous blogs, I’m very much into F# and functional programming lately.  With that, I’m still in the mode of TDD.  Just because you enter a new programming paradigm, doesn’t mean you throw away your … Continue reading 

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let Matt = CodeBetter + 1

Hello CodeBetter community!  #light type FullName = string * string let FullNameToString (name : FullName) =   let first, last = name in   first + ” “ + last   let blogger = FullNameToString(“Matthew”, “Podwysocki”) I’m pretty excited to … Continue reading 

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