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The Unit Testing Story in F# Revisited

Last week I posted about some troubles I was having with the unit testing frameworks for F#.  Today, Brad Wilson announced the release of 1.0.1 which addressed the change in the F# compiler as well as integration with ASP.NET … Continue reading 

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Static versus Dynamic Languages – Attack of the Clones

Very recently there has been an ongoing debate between static and dynamically typed languages.  Since it seems that there has been some Star Wars references, I thought I’d add my own.  I originally wanted to cover this as part of … Continue reading 

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DC ALT.NET May Wrapup – Common Lisp and Applying Lessons Learned

Last night’s DC ALT.NET meeting was a great success.  We had Craig Andera, of PluralSight and FlexWiki fame, talk to us about Common Lisp and some of the lessons he learned.  It was great to see the guys from the … Continue reading 

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What Is the Future of C# Anyways?

It was often asked during some of my presentations on F# and Functional C# about the future direction of C# and where I think it’s going.  Last night I was pinged about this with my F# talk at the Philly … Continue reading 

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F# and Unit Testing – Some New Developments

This past week, I’ve been focusing a lot of my attention on F# in terms of my presentations that I have been giving.  I’m busy preparing for the Philly ALT.NET meeting tomorrow night on the very subject.  An important aspect … Continue reading 

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NoVA Code Camp Wrapup and Thoughts

This past weekend was the Northern Virginia Code Camp in Reston, Virginia.  There was a pretty good turnout for my two sessions which were the first two of the day.  Unfortunately, I could not stay the whole day to attend … Continue reading 

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Concurrency with MPI in .NET

In my previous post, I looked at some of the options we have for concurrency programming in .NET applications.  One of the interesting ones, yet specialized is the Message Passing Interface (MPI).  Microsoft made the initiative to get into the … Continue reading 

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DC ALT.NET – 5/22/2008 – Applying Lessons Learned from Lisp

The May meeting of DC ALT.NET has been scheduled for May 22nd from 7-9PM.  Check out our mailing list and site for more information as it becomes available.  If you’re in the Washington DC area, come check us out.  This … Continue reading 

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Thinking in Concurrently in .NET

In recent posts, you’ve found that I’ve been harping on immutability and side effect free functions.  There is a general theme emerging from this and some real reasons why I’m pointing it out.  One of the things that I’m interested … Continue reading 

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Your API Fails, Who is at Fault?

I decided to stay on the Design by Contract side for just a little bit.  Recently, Raymond Chen posted “If you pass invalid parameters, then all bets are off” in which he goes into parameter validation and basic defensive programming.  … Continue reading 

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