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ICFP Programming Contest

With great excitement, Portland State University and the University of Chicago has announced the 11th annual International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP) Programming Contest to be held from July 11th to July 14th, 2008.  If you’re not familiar with the contest, it is one of the most advanced and prestigious programming contests. It is a good chance to show off your programming skills, your favorite languages and tools, and your ability to work as a team as you tackle these hard problems. What’s great about this is that you can have a team consisting of one or more people, from any part of the world, and with any programming language you so choose.  The contest will begin at noon (PDT) on July 11th and all entries must be received by the organizers by July 14th at noon (PDT). 

To me, this is a much more interesting than the International Obfuscated C Contest because we’re actually trying to solve a problem, let alone in any language we so choose.

Years Past

In years past, there have been some pretty interesting contests.  Last year’s contest was an interesting one to help find a DNA prefix to help an alien, who was dropped onto Earth from an interstellar garbage collector, survive with the new climate.  And the year before that was to analyze an ancient codex and universal machine.  The list of previous contests can be found at the contest site.

This time around, it’d be great to see a few teams submit with F#!

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