Aspects of Functional Programming in C# Presentation and Code

As noted before, I was scheduled to give a presentation on Aspects of Functional Programming in C# 3.0 yesterday at the Rockville .NET User Group (RockNUG).  Unfortunately, before the presentations were to commence, the power went out and the event was scrapped for the evening.  Instead, the intention is to reconvene next month at the same time to present again.  So, I expect I’ll be there once again the same time next month.  In the mean time, I’ve decided to post my slide deck and code samples for all to see.  I’ll cover that more below.

Here are some resources that will be helpful in covering functional programming aspects:

Functional Programming

C# Futures

Functional Programming Aspects with C#



As I said before, I’m making the code available as I put it up on MSDN Code Gallery as the FunctionalCSharp project.  This is intended to be a library of functional programming techniques in C# 3.0 and some demonstrations of moving from imperative style programming to a more functional programming style.  This is an ongoing project and more will be added in time, and I may end up just putting them up not as samples, but as a library.

Some of the topics covered in these code projects are:

My slide deck can be found here and my code snippets once again can be found here.

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  • Matthew.Podwysocki


    Very cool! I’m actually quite jealous of that. My first languages were C and C++, but not Haskell, which I learned much later in life.


  • Calle Arnesten

    Cool to see my old teacher John Hughes being mentioned. Had him as teacher in my first programming course (Haskell) at the university.