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C# 4.0 – Named and Optional Parameters – Behind the Scenes

In my previous post, I talked very briefly about both named and option parameters.  Now, I’d like to go a little deeper into the subject to see what this looks like underneath the covers.  As before, we’ll look at the … Continue reading 

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Named and Optional Arguments in C# 4.0

Many interesting news is coming from PDC this week.  Part of the announcements was around Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0 CTP.  Microsoft has made available, a Virtual PC Image preloaded with Visual Studio. You can download the … Continue reading 

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KaizenConf – Functional Programming – Is it a game changer?

Next week at the "Continuous Improvement in Software Development Conference" (KaizenConf), I will be giving a session called "Functional Programming – Is it a game changer?".  In this discussion, I’ll cover the basics of functional programming, moving from an imperative … Continue reading 

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DC ALT.NET 10/2008 Recap – A Look at Kanban Software Development

Thanks to everyone who came out to the DC ALT.NET meeting on "A Look at Kanban Software Development" with Linda Cook.  This was a great discussion about Kanban and continuous improvement with Lean Software Development techniques.  Linda shared her experiences … Continue reading 

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Reminder – DC ALT.NET – 10/21/2008 – A Look at Kanban Software Development

Just as a reminder, the October meeting for DC ALT.NET will be on October 21st, 2008 from 7-9PM.  Check the DC ALT.NET site and our mailing list for continuing updates and future meetings.  This month, Linda Cook will be presenting … Continue reading 

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Functional .NET – Fighting Friction in the BCL with Directory.GetFiles

Very recently on a project, I was having significant issues with System.IO.Directory.GetFiles, in which I was getting an access denied message which prevented further crawling of certain directories.  The performance issue was another issue that was detrimental.  I wasn’t happy … Continue reading 

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Functional C# – Implementing Async Computations in C#

Update: Removed Internal Constructor constraint on AsyncBuilder. As I covered earlier in my post Functional .NET – LINQ or Language Integrated Monads, I talked about using asynchronous computation expressions (monads) from C# 3.0.  Brian McNamara, of the F# team, posted … Continue reading 

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Functional .NET – LINQ or Language Integrated Monads?

As part of my talk at the Richmond Code Camp earlier in October, I had the opportunity to talk about how to implement functional aspects in C# 3.0.  This talk revolved around such concepts as from mutable to immutable, from … Continue reading 

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Richmond Code Camp 2008.2 – Functional C# Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended my session "Functional C# or how I lost the foreach and learned to love LINQ".  This is still an ongoing passion of mine that I hope to expand upon in the upcoming posts.  Some of … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET MVC with NHaml – F# Edition

As part of some of my adventures with F#, I’ve seen a lot of interesting things coming from others with regards to SharePoint, ASP.NET and other technologies.  This had me thinking of any possibilities and ramifications of using F# with … Continue reading 

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