[ANN] The Real World Haskell Book Club

UPDATE: Now all three authors will be joining

real_world_haskell As I was heading out the door last week for my Thanksgiving holiday, I noticed a package from Amazon on my front porch, which was the long awaited Real World Haskell book.  If you have been following this book and its progress through their Real World Haskell blog, you should know the massive involvement of the community around it.  Look no further than the thanks section to note all the reviewers for the book.

This book has lived up to its promise in helping better understand Haskell as a language, and furthermore, a deeper understanding of a pure functional language.  Reading this book and hacking along with some samples has been a real joy as some of my Thanksgiving weekend was sitting at my laptop and hacking away.  I have plenty of posts on the subject matter that I’m going to be covering while in the midst of my F# coverage.  I feel that a deeper understanding of Haskell has given me better insight to cleaner F# code as well.

Since I’d like to spread some of the joy around, I’d like to announce the Real World Haskell book club for which I’ve set up a Google Groups list.  This group is intended to be an online group that holds sessions at regular intervals to discuss the book but as well to create some hacking projects along the way.

What’s great about this group is that Bryan O’SullivanDon Stewart and John Goerzen, three of the book’s authors will also be participating as well.  Hope to have some of you join in the conversation to get a better understanding about both the language, but also functional programming in general.

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  • http://changelog.complete.org/ John Goerzen

    Make that *three* of the book’s authors 😉

  • http://www.serpentine.com/blog/ Bryan O’Sullivan

    Thanks for setting this up, Matt! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the book, and we’ll be happy to take part.