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Functional Programming and Collective Intelligence

During some of my talks about functional programming, and in turn, F#, many do ask “Why Functional Programming?” and “Why use F#?” and both are very good questions.  Many of the people using F# today are in fields such as … Continue reading 

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Talking Functional Programming with Erik Meijer

When I was last out in Redmond, I had the opportunity to sit down with Erik Meijer to speak about something for which I’m passionate, functional programming.  After such recent appearances on Channel9 as Joe Duffy and Anders Hejlsberg, I … Continue reading 

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DC ALT.NET 3/25 – Introduction to TDD

The March meeting for DC ALT.NET will be on March 25th from 7-9PM EDT.  Check the our mailing list for continuing updates and future meetings.  This month we have Jonathan Cogley providing an introduction to Test Driven Development.  This session … Continue reading 

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Functional .NET – Lose the Magic Strings

In this current series that I’m running as a follow-up to my presentation last week on Applied Functional Programming, we’re talking about ways we can improve our code with functional techniques.  The ideas presented here are things that are being … Continue reading 

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Functional .NET – Laziness Becomes You

In the previous post, I talked about some of the basic ideas you can learn from Functional Programming and apply to your code right now.  The first topic that was tackled was extensibility through the use of closures.  Today, I’ll … Continue reading 

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Functional Programming in .NET – Adding Extensibility

Thanks for everyone who attended my session on applied functional programming earlier this week at RockNUG.  This session was intended to reinforce the basics of thinking functionally and what techniques you can do right now to take advantage.  It was … Continue reading 

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Which Is More Beautiful Architecture – FP or OOP?

Recently, upon the recommendations of a few people, I picked up a copy of the book “Beautiful Architecture: Leading Thinkers Reveal the Hidden Beauty in Software”.  This book is a great read and includes essays from some of the top … Continue reading 

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RockNUG – 3/11/2009 – Functional Programming in .NET

I will be appearing this upcoming Wednesday at the Rockville .NET User Group (RockNUG) to give a presentation on Functional Programming in .NET.  This presentation will focus on the basics of functional programming, but also why you should care and … Continue reading 

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Exploring MapReduce with F#

With my exploration into mass concurrency and big data problems, I’m always finding challenges to give myself on how I might solve a given issue.  Such examples that have intrigued me along the way as PLINQ, MPI/.NET, Data Parallel Haskell, … Continue reading 

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Introducing Maestro – A DSL for Actor Based Concurrency

As you may have noticed from my blog, there is a big interest in concurrency.  Along with that, I’ve made my way into Actor model based concurrency including such forays into Erlang, the Haskell-Actor package, Mailbox Processing in F#, and … Continue reading 

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