[ANN] DC ALT.NET – 5/27/2009 – Introduction to Pair Programming

The DC ALT.NET group is continuing the back to basics approach with this month covering an introduction to pair programming.  It’s part of our commitment to the community to encourage such practices as in our previous sessions on Test Driven Development and Refactoring.  This month is no exception in pair programming and why two heads are better than one.

In this session, we are joined once again by Jonathan Cogley, CEO and founder of Thycotic, to not only facilitate a discussion on pair programming, but help lead a session in which we implement user stories in pairs.  We will lead this in a fishbowl style and then alternate in and out the pairs just to get an idea of how it is done.  Not only will we see how it’s done, but also the benefits that can be had.

Our efforts in this back to basics series will continue next month covering Behavior Driven Development with Evan Light, so stay tuned.

Below are the details:

5/27/2009 – 7-9PM

The Motley Fool
2000 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314


Hope to see you there!

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