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Dryad/DryadLINQ and Project Trident Released

There has been a lot of talk going around involving the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2009, but another event, largely overshadowed, was the 10th annual Microsoft Research Faculty Summit.  During this summit, Tony Hey, the Microsoft External Research Vice President, … Continue reading 

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[ANN] DC ALT.NET 7/22/2009 – Naked JavaScript

After diving headlong into to our back to basics series on TDD, Refactoring, Pairing, and BDD, I thought we’d take a little break and dive into another area that I’m passionate about, JavaScript.  Too many times does this language get … Continue reading 

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Modeling DSLs with F# and Units of Measure

Very recently on Lambda the Ultimate, they had a really good post describing Soccer-Fun, a way to teach functional programming (pdf).  The premise is very simple and is described as the following: …a domain specific language for simulating football. … … Continue reading 

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