[ANN] DC ALT.NET 7/22/2009 – Naked JavaScript

After diving headlong into to our back to basics series on TDD, Refactoring, Pairing, and BDD, I thought we’d take a little break and dive into another area that I’m passionate about, JavaScript.  Too many times does this language get dismissed as a toy language and that only script kiddies write it.  In fact, some very interesting things are happening in the JS world that were highlighted at the recent JSConf 2009 here in the Washington, DC area.  For the next two months at least, we’re going heads down JavaScript and then possibly more. 

This month, we have the privilege of having the organizer of JSConf 2009, Chris Williams, to talk to us above some of the more recent projects using JavaScript, and then next month, we have Richard D. Worth to talk to us about jQueryUI.

Below is a description of this month’s event:

Naked JavaScript

JavaScript is the most commonly known and widely distributed programming language ever, but until recently it has never seen the proper accolades for its beauty and capability. During this talk, Chris will present a fairly deep technical overview of this amazing little language, including some of the newest features that make it one of the fastest performing semi-object oriented, semi-functional programming languages. We will also survey some of the most interesting projects that use JavaScript to fundamentally alter the world of programming including Nitobi PhoneGap, Joyent Smart Platform, Apache CouchDB, 280 North Cappuccino, and V8-GL. Come with an open-mind and leave much of what you think is JavaScript at the door, because we are taking it off the DOM.

About Chris Williams

Chris is a DC native polyglot that works at OurParents and curated the first conference for JavaScript Developers, JSConf 2009. He blogs under his strange handle at http://www.voodootikigod.com and is currently working on a living book under the same name as the presentation at http://www.nakedjavascript.com He can be found on twitter other social and anti-social media outlets @voodootikigod.

Date/Time: 7/22/2009 – 7-9PM

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2000 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Map of Location

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