[ANN] DC ALT.NET 8/26/2009 – jQuery UI with Richard Worth

Following last month’s great presentation by Chris Williams on Naked JavaScript, we’re continuing our dive into JavaScript, and we continue this time with a look into jQuery UI.  This month, we have Richard Worth, the Release Manager for jQuery UI, to talk with us about both jQuery UI and the jQuery UI CSS Framework.  Below are the details:

jQuery UI and the jQuery UI CSS Framework

jQuery UI, built on top of jQuery, is a complete set of behaviors and components that can be used in building Rich Internet Applications. Behaviors and components included in jQuery UI include drag-and-drop, resizing, mouse-sorting, mouse-selecting (click-select, shift-select, ctrl-select, lasso select), dialogs, sliders, tabs, trees, grids, toolbars and menus.

Each component adheres to a consistent standard across API, design, behavior and theming. This minimizes the surprise and makes learning all of them as easy as learning one. Just as with jQuery, there is a plug-in system in jQuery UI that allows users to easily modify/extend existing components, as well as create your own.

jQuery UI also includes a powerful and flexible CSS framework. The jQuery UI CSS Framework, the first CSS framework to focus on UI widgets rather than web page design and layout, brings consistency to a web User Interface, while allowing developers of all levels of design experience to customize and tweak it to fit an existing or a new site design.

This session covers how jQuery UI is designed and how it leverages the power, flexibility, and expressiveness of the jQuery API. A live demonstration shows you how to use some of the more common jQuery UI behaviors and components, the jQuery UI CSS Framework, and ThemeRoller, the tool for building and customizing jQuery UI Themes.

About Richard Worth

Richard D. Worth is a UI Developer living in Northern VA (Wash DC suburbs). He is the Release Manager for jQuery UI, and has authored or co-authored the current versions of jQuery UI Dialog, Progressbar, Selectables, and Slider plugins. Richard also contributes to the design of the jQuery UI API, automated and manual tests for UI components, and documentation. He writes the ‘This Week in jQuery UI’ series on the jQuery UI Blog, and is a co-author of the upcoming book ‘jQuery Cookbook’.

Date/Time: 8/26/2009 7-9PM


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