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No:SQL (east) 2009

As you may have noticed, there has been a lot of talk around NOSQL “movement” lately.  The name, NOSQL was created to describe non-traditional data storage engines and techniques to address concerns of data sets of horizontal scale.  Innovations such as Google’s BigTable and Amazon’s Dynamo have led to a rise in a new wide variety of new technologies and ideas around pointed problems as data sets at scale, like CouchDB, Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, Voldemort and many more.  These NOSQL technologies have little unifying them together as they use such techniques as Column-Oriented, Key-Value Stores, CAP Theorem, and no one to rule them all, but underlying them is that they are different than the “traditional” RDBMS solutions of SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and so on.  These NOSQL solutions are starting to turn up in good numbers for specific use cases and not meant to be the end all solutions.

Together with Brad Anderson and Chris Williams, we’ve launched No:SQL (east) 2009 which aims to present experiences of different companies using these NOSQL solutions in production.  Following the success this summer of the NOSQL Meetup in San Francisco, we bring the discussion back east to Atlanta, GA from October 28th-30th.  A wide array of experiences will be shared on such projects as Cassandra, Redis, MongoDB, CouchDB as well as the Microsoft Research projects Dryad and DryadLINQ.  Some of the highlighted sessions include:

More information, including registration, can be found at the site: https://nosqleast.com/2009/.  Hope to see you there!

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  • http://codebetter.com/members/Matthew.Podwysocki/default.aspx Matthew.Podwysocki


    Those are being ignored, it’s just that we have a limited scope here for speakers. We’d love for the conversations to continue to talk about these “nosql” solutions.


  • Mike Street

    Sorry – that should be multi-value.

    See also :


  • http://www.bluefinity.com Mike Street

    There are a set of products which have been out there for a long time which you appear to be ignoring – the Pick or multi-valie databases such as D3, jBASE, QM, UniVerse and UniData. BlueFinity supplies a .NET add-in which allows WinForms and ASP.NET applications to be built using any of these platforms

  • http://codebetter.com/members/Matthew.Podwysocki/default.aspx Matthew.Podwysocki


    I’m aware of his project and have talked to Ayende about the event. Unfortunately, he cannot make it. I’m watching the project with a keen eye though.


  • Henrik Wallström

    Check out Divan a C# library under the MIT license for using CouchDB.