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Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (and .NET) Hands on Labs Now Available

One of the biggest desires of the community around the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (and .NET as well) has been a guide on how to get started (well that and complete documentation).  With that, the Reactive Extensions team and I have created hands on labs for both JavaScript and .NET to get you started incrementally with the Reactive Extensions.  Both labs largely follow each other in terms of format and what areas are covered.  For the JavaScript lab we’ve created, a little bit of jQuery knowledge around selectors and AJAX support are desired.

The JavaScript lab has the following sections:

  • Exercise 1: Getting Started
  • Exercise 2: Creating Observable Sequences
  • Exercise 3: Importing DOM Events into Rx
  • Exercise 4: A First Look at the Standard Query Operators
  • Exercise 5: More Operators to Tame the User Input
  • Exercise 6: Bridging the Callback Method Pattern in Rx
  • Exercise 7: SelectMany – the Zen of Composition
  • Exercise 8: Testability

Hope you find these useful and give us feedback on what we did right and wrong and what you’d like to see from us in the future!

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    Adding page numbers would be really nice. I like to print these out and read them wherever, and having page numbers helps keep things in order.