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[ANN] DC ALT.NET – 1/27/2010 – Clojure

The next meeting of DC ALT.NET will be held on January 27th from 7-9PM on Clojure with Craig Andera.  Previously, he gave a talk about spending some time in Common Lisp and some of the lessons learned during his adventures.  … Continue reading 

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F# October 2009 CTP/Beta2 – F# + Rx Together At Last

Lately, I’ve been covering a lot of F# First Class Events as well as the Reactive Framework which has been leading up to a head as it were.  It has been announced through Channel 9 that .NET 4 will include … Continue reading 

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Introducing the Reactive Framework Part I

During my series about first class events in F#, I made frequent mention of the LiveLabs Reactive Framework (Rx), without going into much detail as to what it is.  Now that the series is complete and we understand both how … Continue reading 

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Pondering Axum + F#

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about Axum as I’ve been posting about other asynchronous and parallel programming models.  After two releases of the Axum standalone language and lots of good user feedback, it’s time to ponder what could … Continue reading 

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Dryad/DryadLINQ and Project Trident Released

There has been a lot of talk going around involving the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2009, but another event, largely overshadowed, was the 10th annual Microsoft Research Faculty Summit.  During this summit, Tony Hey, the Microsoft External Research Vice President, … Continue reading 

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F# – Async Running with Continuation Scissors

As you may have noticed, I’ve been covering a bit about concurrency on this blog lately, and for good reason.  Between Axum, Erlang, Scala and F#, there is a lot to explore with actor model concurrency, task based concurrency, data … Continue reading 

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Axum – Ping Pong with Ordered Interaction Points

UPDATE: Removed code and explained that what I had was not intended behavior After a slight diversion into F# mailbox processing, it’s time to come back to talk a little bit more about Axum.  In our last Axum post, we … Continue reading 

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When Side Effects and Laziness Collide

While working on a side project recently, I came to rediscover some of the consequences of one of my earlier posts on “Side Effects and Functional Programming”.  It’s important that we realize that when we are creating our programs to … Continue reading 

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Actors in F# – The Bounded Buffer Problem

In the previous post, I covered an example of an auction simulation using asynchronous message passing and a shared nothing approach using the MailboxProcessor class in F#.  The auction example was a great piece to demonstrate scalability by adding additional … Continue reading 

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F# Actors Revisited

UPDATE: Removed ref cells to use two recursive loops In the previous post, I covered briefly about the actor model in F#.  This style of concurrency, using asynchronous message passing and a shared-nothing approach through the use of mailboxes is … Continue reading 

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