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On Duck Typing

Update: Phil Haack just posted his own reflections on Duck Typing which by the way has a much cooler title than mine! Another Update: A coworker on my team just passed me an awesome video from Daniel Spiewak describing the fundamentals … Continue reading 


Axum, Reactive Framework and other Lang.net items

A few weeks ago, the 2009 Lang.NET symposium was came and went and there were a few talks that caught my eye.  There were many great talks including those by some of the following luminaries: Philip Wadler Erik Meijer Anders … Continue reading 

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Resolved Language Debates?

As you may have noticed my emphasis on polyglot programming on this blog.  I’ve been following the language design of Ola Bini’s Ioke with some intrigue as well as dipping my foot into languages such as Clojure.  Just as well, … Continue reading 

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