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Going Hybrid – Implementing a Shopping Cart in F#

One persistent question that keeps coming up to me is how to merge functional programming techniques with object oriented techniques that many are used to.  My usual reply is to talk about how functional programming affects your code, programming in … Continue reading 

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F# – Duck Typing and Structural Typing

As you may have noticed on this blog lately that I’ve been focusing on Asynchronous Workflows.  In those adventures, I’ve been taking well known APIs such as Twitter, Bing, among others and seeing what I can do with them.  In … Continue reading 

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Which Is More Beautiful Architecture – FP or OOP?

Recently, upon the recommendations of a few people, I picked up a copy of the book “Beautiful Architecture: Leading Thinkers Reveal the Hidden Beauty in Software”.  This book is a great read and includes essays from some of the top … Continue reading 

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Resolved Language Debates?

As you may have noticed my emphasis on polyglot programming on this blog.  I’ve been following the language design of Ola Bini’s Ioke with some intrigue as well as dipping my foot into languages such as Clojure.  Just as well, … Continue reading 

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Object Oriented F# – Encapsulation with Object Expressions

In the past, I’ve covered a bit about object oriented programming in F#.  I’d like to come back to that series as there is much yet to cover on this topic.  Last week, I spent some time with Erik Meijer … Continue reading 

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Object Oriented F# – Creating Classes

In the past couple of posts, I covered extension everything in F#.  This allows me to extend .NET types with such things as extension static and instance methods, properties, properties with indexers, events and so on.  But, let’s go back … Continue reading 

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Object Oriented F# – More Extension Everything

In a previous post, I covered a few ways we can do extensions methods, properties, events and so on with F#.  After a few chats, I realized I may have missed a couple of cases that I wanted to cover … Continue reading 

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Object Oriented F# – Extension Everything

A post by Jeremy Miller caught my eye this morning in regards to extension methods in Javascript.  While I think that’s pretty interesting, I don’t think it’s a real fair comparison.  Instead, I want to revisit C# and even F# … Continue reading 

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How do you clean up the files in a project quickly?

Put your hands on your keyboard, don’t touch the mouse. CTRL-ALT-L; Down Arrow (to a file), Enter, CTRL-ALT-F, Enter, (F12, Alt-Enter, Enter (repeat all necessary loops)), CTRL-ALT-F, Enter, CTRL-S, CTRL-F4 Repeat until you reach the end of the file list.  … Continue reading 


Alt.Net does NOT equal Anti-Microsoft

I’ve had this post sitting in the queue forever.  Not forever, but about 2 months.  Before I start, I’d love to be able to go back and quote the mass amount of Alt.Net posts that have come out of CB … Continue reading