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I want non-nullable types in C#4

 There is no-doubt that the C#2 nullable-types is a cool feature. However I regret that C# don’t support the other half of the paradigm: the non-nullable types.   The same way as nullable-types allow null values for value-types, non-nullable types … Continue reading 

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Code defensively: Continuously check for corrupted installation

A common problem when an application goes to production comes from deployment issues. Concretely, your client’ admin, your installation script or any other actor that can access the production machine can potentially mess up and corrupt the installation. If you … Continue reading 

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An unexpected CLR behavior : Loading 2 times the same assembly in an AppDomain

While developing a feature of NDepend we found out that the CLR can load 2 times the same assembly in an AppDomain.   The feature consists in including CQL constraints directly in the source code thanks to the attribute NDepend.CQL.CQLConstraintAttribute … Continue reading 

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A simple trick to rationalizing your code environment and build process

  My consulting job mainly consists in auditing real-world project structure. To analyze properly a tier code base, I prefer to install and recompile it on my laptop instead of working on a machine that might not have installed tools … Continue reading 

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