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UI matters (Revisited): Menus and ToolBars vs. Office 2007 Ribbons

  My post about our current work in enhancing the VisualNDepend UI with Ribbon Office 2007 style got a lot of feedbacks. Thanks to everybody who participate in the debate and especially to:   Wesner Moise who took the time … Continue reading 

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Review: WPF Unleashed By Adam Nathan

I recently had the chance to read WPF Unleashed by Adam Nathan.       I can’t imagine a better book to learn WPF for developers with a good win32/GDI/Windows Forms background. If you are not already experienced in these … Continue reading 

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UI matters: Menus and ToolBars vs. Office 2007 Ribbons

 Update: This blog entry has been revisited here. We are currently refactoring the NDepend UI and we hope to make it simpler. Everything started from a simple, yet judicious, remark from my friends and colleagues Bob Powell and Fabrice Marguerie: … Continue reading 

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New .NET 3.5 core stuff

While installing VisualStudio 2008 Beta2 I was surprised that the NET framework 2.0 installation got automatically updated. My good old copies of mscorlib.dll v2.0.50727.42 and friends got updated to v2.0.50727.1378. I expected to saw a new C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\ folder but instead … Continue reading 

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