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Code Size is – not – the Enemy

 There has been recently some discussion about Code size is the enemy starting from (in order of publication) Steve Yegge –  Code’s Worst Enemy Jeff Atwood – Size Is The Enemy Frans Bouma –  Codebase size isn’t the enemy Ayende Rahien … Continue reading 

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How to avoid regression bugs while adding new features

I recently published an article on SearchWinDeveloment. It explains how we (the NDepend team) are using NDepend to analyze the NDepend code to avoid regression bugs while adding new features.   More specifically, we are using the possibility to compare … Continue reading 

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Hints on how to componentize existing code

Representing the structure of a code base with a DSM (Dependencies Structure Matrix) is a great mean to perform all kind of useful tasks like determining layering of the code base or pinpointing component dependency cycles. NDepend supports a DSM … Continue reading 

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The Visual Studio Look and Feel

In a previous post this summer I mentioned what has been one of the best advice I got this year (from Bob Powell and Fabrice Marguerie): When you target .NET developers, the closer to VisualStudio’UI, the better your UI is. … Continue reading 

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Deconstructing Software

In my previous post Keep your code structure clean I explained how to build Code Query Language (CQL) constraints that can help avoiding design erosion by preventing mistakes. This is the preventive approach, but what if you have to improve … Continue reading 

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