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Dependencies and Concerns

Jim Bolla, a contributor to the NHibernate project, had a surprising remark while describing what NDepend has to say about the NHibernate code on its blog:  (with NDepend) as an example, you can do stuff like this.. WARN IF Count … Continue reading 

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Avoid API breaking changes

  If you are developing a framework, the last thing you want to happen when releasing a new version of your product is to break the code of your clients because of an API change. For example, you want to … Continue reading 

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Immutable types: understand their benefits and use them

There is a powerful and simple concept in programming that I think is really underused: Immutability Basically, an object is immutable if its state doesn’t change once the object has been created. Consequently, a class is immutable if its instances are immutable. There … Continue reading 

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Rambling on the sealed keyword

If you want to be a better .NET programmer, there is one book to read from A to Z: CLR via C# by Jeffrey Richter. At page 171, Jeffrey wrote an opinion on the sealed keyword: When defining a new … Continue reading 

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Ensure the quality of the code that will be developed this year

Do a favor to yourself and your team: Make sure that the code you will develop in 2008 will abide by common quality principles. The classic blame on quality tools I hear again and again is: When the tool analyzes my code base, it … Continue reading 

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