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Iterators, LINQ deferred execution and prime numbers computation

There is something that I am proud of. In my book Practical .NET2 and C#2 I presented the concept of deferred execution and deferred execution is a central concept in LINQ in-memory querying. The C# team made deferred execution easy … Continue reading 

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Code metrics on Coupling, Dead Code, Design flaws and Re-engineering

There is a whole range of interesting code metrics relative to coupling. The simplest ones are named Afferent Coupling (Ca) and Efferent Coupling (Ce). Basically, the Ca for a code element is the number of code elements that use it … Continue reading 

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Layering, the Level metric and the Discourse of Method

When we are discussing the architecture of a code base, we often qualify a piece of code with terms such as high level and low level. This is common vocabulary and we all intuitively know what does it means. A piece of code … Continue reading 

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