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UI Matter: Make the simple things simple and hard things possible

  Make the simple things simple and hard things possible   IMHO, this tenet applies perfectly in how UI should be designed. Typically, the most direct way to use a UI control should result in the most awaited feature from … Continue reading 

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Diff tools to see source files changes

Making easy to compare 2 versions of a code base is something that I consider super important and that is why it became a major feature of NDepend. While source file repository tools (a la VSS or CVS…) also provide this feature, … Continue reading 

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NDepend presentation at MVP Summit

I will present NDepend during the MVP summit. The schedule is one hour Wednesday 16th at 5pm in MSCC/ Hood. It has been well thought out since this doesn’t overlap with others MVP summit presentations.This presentation is dedicated to MVP … Continue reading 

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Make the most of your test coverage data

I am really glad to announce that now NDepend supports test coverage metrics: PercentageCoverage, NbLinesOfCodeCovered and NbLinesOfCodeNotCovered, defined on methods, types, namespaces and assemblies. There is also the metric PercentageBranchCoverage defined on methods.  Coverage data are gathered from coverage files emitted by … Continue reading 

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