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Book Review: C# in Depth

  I just finished my copy of C# in depth by Jon Skeet (published by Manning) and I highly recommend this book to ANY C# professional programmer. Jon is the author of one of the most informative blog on C#. … Continue reading 

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.NET 3.5 SP1 Beta: Changes Overview

  Scott Hanselman just published a blog post where he used NDepend to see changes in the code of .NET 3.5 SP1 beta (that has just been released). Let’s expose the exhaustive list of differences:   Summary: # IL instructions: … Continue reading 

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Write Active Conventions on your Code Base

Recently, both Glenn Block and Ayende wrote about how to define some sort of active conventions about the code base. The idea is great! The proposed implementation is based on the framework System.Reflection used from some unit tests to assert some … Continue reading 

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Manage states in a multi-threaded environment without the synchronization pain

I see 4 common ways to deal with states in a multi-threaded environment: Immutable objects: The idea is simple and efficient: make sure that the states of objects cannot be changed. This way, the object can be accessed concurrently by multiple threads without … Continue reading 

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