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Simple Core Domain Types and Plain Old .NET Objects

  In a recent post about writing Active Conventions with NDepend, Jan Van Ryswyck exposes some great CQL conventions: Being the huge DDD adept that I am, I want to enforce that the domain is the core, the centerpiece, the … Continue reading 

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Declare Active Conventions inside C# or VB.NET Source Code

With the last version of NDepend, we polished one particular scenario that I would like to describe properly: The possibility to store CQL rules inside source code. CQL constraints of an NDepend project are stored as raw text in the … Continue reading 

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Rules on .NET Framework Usage

 NDepend v2.9 comes with a set of default CQL rules concerning usage guidelines of the .NET Framework. Some of them are inspired from some FxCop rules while some others are inspired from our development experience. There are significant advantages in … Continue reading 

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BackgroundWorker Closure and Overridable Task

 Clearly, the class System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker is a good friend for all Windows Form programmers. Basically, it lets developers delegate a computation intensive task to a non-UI thread in order to get a responsive UI. The BackgroundWorker class lets specify a callback … Continue reading 

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