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All Paths from A to B

  In my post about the new Interactive Code Dependencies Graph feature of NDepend, I explained how to use the Indirect Mode of the Dependency Matrix to obtain some Graph of path from 2 code elements, from A to B. … Continue reading 

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Targeting the .NET runtime version 2.0 matters

  As explained in my previous post about NDepend v2.10.0, this release needed the .NET v3.5 runtime installed to be executed. This is because we are now relying on the library MsAgl for graph layout and drawing and this library … Continue reading 

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Interactive Code Dependencies Graph

We just released NDepend v2.10 that comes with interactive code dependencies graph. This feature goes beyond previous versions of NDepend that let users generate graph pictures. There is now a dedicated and interactive Dependency Graph panel..   On screenshot below, … Continue reading 

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A frustrating GDI bug

In the history of bugs feedback from users of NDepend, there are 4 unresolved OutOfMemoryException unhandled. They all have been reported by different users, on different version of the product and the call stack is different for all of them. … Continue reading 

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