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Comparing Hash Table Implementations Performances

 One of my preferred programming paradigm is hash table. I consider almost like magic being able to test if a collection contains a particular object, independently from the size of the collection (hence the term constant time often used to … Continue reading 

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Controlling the usage of libraries

  Recently, Scott Hanselman has proposed a survey to know which part of the .NET Framework real-world developers are using. The result will be interesting mostly for Microsoft engineers in charge of the .NET Framework. However, it might be interesting … Continue reading 

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Listen to your users

  While listening the users to improve the usability of your product seems to be a controversial issue, I am leaning toward the Listen to user camp. My opinion is biased by the fact that I have the exceptional chance … Continue reading 

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Some Unexpected Code Dependency Issues

While supporting NDepend, we got some interesting user feedback about the understanding on how dependencies are inferred. As shown below, sometime, the Dependency Matrix displays some cells weighted with 0. The first reaction is, what the hell is a dependency … Continue reading 

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Geek Nostalgia

Scott Hanselman just wrote an excellent post with a photo when he was a child geek. I cannot resist following him [:)] This 1985 photo gives a good idea of the little nerdy I was. Second row from the bottom, … Continue reading 

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Comparing Silverlight and the .NET Framework

A recent NDepend v2.10.2 feature is the analysis of Silverlight application. Silverlight recently went from beta to 2.0 Release Candidate 0 . In this blog post I will first compare Silverlight 2.0 RC0 and .NET Framework v3.5 SP1 assemblies. I … Continue reading 

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