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Composing Code Metrics Values

NDepend provides 82 different code metrics which are all explained on this page. Several software development topics are addressed by these metrics, like: Code volume with metrics such as number of Lines of Code, number of IL instructions or number … Continue reading 

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An easy and efficient way to improve .NET code performances

  Currently, I am getting serious about measuring and improving performances of .NET code. I’ll post more about this topic within the next weeks. For today I would like to present an efficient optimization I found on something we all … Continue reading 

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2 talks on Architecture and on Regression at Prio Conference

 I’ll give 2 talks on monday 10 november and tuesday 11 november at PrioConference in Baden Baden, Germany. Here are the abstracts:     Architecture and Dependencies  (Monday 15h30 – 16h45) Why do we architect our software? Why do concepts … Continue reading 

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The (near) future of Code Correctness

I just watched this amazing PDC presentation (the most impressing I saw so far): Contract Checking and Automated Test Generation with Pex by Nikolai Tillman and Mike Barnett.       It is talking about .NET 4 support and tooling … Continue reading 

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Advices for developers on starting an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) business

  As a developer (and if you read my blog there are good chances you are a developer) you have an enormous potential to start a company. I think that most developers don’t realize how big this potential is. I … Continue reading 

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